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nina gee

Illustrator & Pop-Up Artist

my story

Once upon a time, a little girl had big dreams of being an artist. She drew and painted, and made the cutest things, until she got sick enough to think that life wasn't so magical, but not sick enough to not go out into the world and try new things. She found relief in a wonderful man in a plaid flannel who helped her get better with acupuncture, and told her that she could also be a great acupuncturist. So she went to school and opened a practice to do just that, and to help other people who's lives didn't seem so magical anymore. She met amazing people who taught her a whole lot about herself and opened her world once again to magical things and fantastic ideas - all of which she wanted to try. So she did! But then one day, her body reminded her once again that maybe life wasn't so magical after all. So this time, she decided to go all the way back to the beginning and do what she loved the best - draw, and paint, and make the cutest things. And so inkpaperfable was born, and the magic stayed, and was finally real.

Nina has illustrated 2 poetry books and a children's book and has a few others in the works at the time of this writing, including 2 coloring books. She adores pop-up mechanics, as she always had as a little girl, and creates odd, fanciful pop-up books and cards. Nina loves collaborating on projects and trying new things! If you're interested in collaborating, please get in touch with her!


Shivaya Wellness
Leap Books
Phoenix Book Shops
Stewart's Maple

The Suburban Monk

Vital Bioenergetics




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