Your Soul Family and the Flower of Life

How does the Flower of Life fit with Robert Detzler's description of a "soul family"? If we were to incorporate the Flower of Life into Robert's description of the Twin Flame, Flame Mate and Soul Mate relationships do we complicate or simplify how it all works?

In my Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Practice, I have been recently spending a lot of time studying Chapter 3 of Robert's book, "Soul Re-Creation", while working with clients who are struggling with relationships. While Robert's descriptions of Twin Flames, Flame Mates and Soul Mates have been helpful in describing the relationship struggles experienced by most couples and singles, I most often find that most of the healing work needs to be performed on the "Twin Flame Within", while Robert's model mostly describes the "Twin Flame Without", or outside of a person's individual soul.

In my personal Ascension research, I have been studying the work of Mikio Sankey and Drunvalo Melchizedek. In Sankey's work in Esoteric Acupuncture, he takes the concept of the Twin Flame and turns it inside out to concentrate on healing our inner connection with ourselves, which is the first step in healing any relationship. Drunvalo's work takes this a step further by demonstrating the interconnections of all life and matter through the Flower of Life.

According to Detzler, the image of the flower is more akin to a fire or flame of creation, while according to Melchizedek, the Flower of Life represents the whole of creation from the smallest atom to the most complex organisms in the Universe. If we examine both the "Oversoul" image and the Flower of Life together, their similarities are instantly obvious.

As we can see, the "petals" in the flower of Detzler's "flame family" are created by the intersecting circles (actually spheres) in the Flower of Life. The circles in the diagram represent "Oversouls", which are not fully explained in the text. In Detzler's model, it appears that each soul is a single slice in the petal of the flower of creation. This does not make sense, and I do not believe that this was Detzler's intent when this book was written because according to sacred geometry, a soul is always represented as a sphere. It is my belief that Detzler was merely attempting to demonstrate the point of intersection between two spheres within the Flower of Life, and the other aspects (and other interactions with other souls) is represented by the larger circle which he calls the Oversoul.

Therefore, if we are to assume that each circle or sphere is representative of one soul, and that the intersections within and without that soul are the other souls within our soul family, then we can see that the interconnections between different souls on the journey of life are a lot more complex and nuanced than what Robert demonstrates in his book.

Detzler asserts that two souls who reside within the same "petal" are "Twin Flames". Twin flames are souls who are instantly attracted to each other and are generally devoted to each other even when life circumstances are not in their favor. SPIRIT informs Detzler that each "petal" contains nine separate divisions and therefore, you can argue that it is possible for you to come across eight other souls in the world who are your Twin Flame.

If we take the same concept of the twin flame and apply it to the Flower of Life, we discover that there are actually twelve petals intersecting each circle. Six in the middle and six along the outside edge of the circle. In other words, if we assume that each circle represents a single soul, and that each time a petal is formed that we are creating the circumstances for a twin flame relationship with the intersecting circles, then there are eleven other souls in the world who can be your twin flame and not eight as Detzler suggests. This is not to say that Robert was necessarily wrong when he first described his model, it is just to say that his model does not appear to contain the complete picture to include the Flower of Life.

The reason Dezler provides for his number is an assumption that the number of souls on a single "flame" would be based on the sacred number of three squared. While this is an excellent hypothesis due to the significance of the number three in numerology and sacred geometry, I do not believe it goes far enough to incorporate the intersecting lines of the Flower of Life. Drunvalo and Sankey take their math much further by incorporating more sacred geometry into their calculations, while Robert was more of a man of Faith who relied more heavily on the Christian texts and his own connection to SPIRIT.

When we have a better understanding of the intersecting lines and the inter-relatedness of each soul within the fabric of creation, the question of who is our Twin Flame in this lifetime becomes somewhat less relevant as it becomes clear in this model that all souls are more interconnected than we once believed were possible. When we assume that the Flower of Life is a more accurate model to the nature of existence in both the physical and non-physical realms, we can now see that all souls are part of one single interconnected entity like the body of a single organism.

Can we love our liver less than our spleen? Can we love our eyes less than our nose or our mouth? If we follow the same line of reason, when we choose to love one part of humanity less than another, we are actually loving ourselves less. Therefore, if we are finding ourselves in less than ideal relationships or we are finding that we cannot attract a loving relationship into our lives, then the problem is likely that we are not willing to completely love ourselves and love the world around us!

Once we realize that we are all part of the same whole organism, it no longer makes sense that we treat some souls one way and treat other souls differently. To consider another soul as being lessor or less worthy is the same as considering the whole of creation as less worthy of love. The bottom line is that your Twin Flame, Soul Mate or life partner is closer than you think! All you need to do is open yourself to the idea that each and every soul in the Universe is worthy of love and you will come to realize that you were never alone!

Thank you SPIRIT!

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