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What I Learned From Bonnie Christine (today)...

Lately I've been finding myself looking at all of the projects I want to do (Annual Planning is a beautiful thing!) and also seeing all of the things I don't necessarily want to do (building an art business) but feel as though I need to in order to keep going making all of the projects. It feels like an endless "chicken or the egg" scenario of what to do first. I just got done listening to Bonnie Christine's very first podcast (I am not a podcast listener by any means, but felt drawn to learn a little of what Christine does that has gotten her to where she is today). It's a really wonderful podcast, I have to say! But again, it seemed to point out in the middle of my being where I really need to address what it is I want to do and what I don't. As Christine said, "Wherever you say yes, you are saying NO to something else, so make sure you're saying YES to all the things you really want." (Paraphrased) I have also been seeing coming at me from my world, this need to really show up as myself and for myself. All of these things I'd love to see turning to opportunities seem to only be things that I'm using as a human shield to maybe not show up..and I wonder why? What is so scary about it?

So I decided to make a list to alleviate some of my overwhelm when it comes to this area. I do not want to:

  1. Participate in Social Media. I know, how could I even say this, right?

  2. Take on other people's projects that aren't in line with my broader vision of being an illustrator of books of all kinds. I have found that we all are thinking primarily of our own interests and maybe aren't opportunities to grow where, when the service is over, the other person walks away happy with their drawings and I am not feeling fulfilled.

  3. Pivot so many times during the day that I get 10 minutes to work on projects that are truly meaningful to me (thank you Bonnie!) Better planning of my day seems to be in order.

...and then this silence came over me, and I saw that I was not showing up for myself by not creating quiet space where I could just show up as myself. I think we all live with problematic issues because we can't identify what they are, or don't know how to remedy them. But to attempt to create more flow in one's life is so very important in order to flow easily through the life you've created.

Today I begin to show up for and as myself, and begin to say No. What a beautiful gift.

Check out Bonnie's Podcast here!

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