Unblocking Loneliness

Everybody feels lonely from time to time. After all, your life is a uniquely personal journey where you must come to terms with your own karma and your own soul programs that belong to you and nobody else. When you master the tools for dealing with your programs, your solo journey through life can become an exciting adventure, full of interesting people and characters. Unfortunately, for many of us, we forget or we fail to learn how to walk this journey alone, and life becomes a dark, lonely place.

What happens when our desire for companionship turns into an abdication of our own personal power? What are the consequences to our soul’s journey when we make religious vows to people or institutions just so that we can avoid feeling alone?

As social creatures, human beings desire the companionship of other living things. Whether that companion is a spouse, partner, best friend or a beloved pet, the presence of another living creature in your life offers a benchmark or foil to our life’s journey in order to provide it with perspective. Preferably, the companions we choose to walk this journey with us should love us unconditionally, and not judge us for whatever personal changes we may be going through.

Loneliness occurs when we believe that the souls we chose to join us on our life’s journey have abandoned us, or they have somehow failed to meet our expectations or needs. In nearly all cases of loneliness that I have witnessed in my clients, the fault or blame for the condition generally falls to the companion who left, and not on the one experiencing the loneliness.

SPIRIT informs us that dealing with loneliness are one of our “Final Issues” (Chart 25) as we prepare our souls for Ascension. What this means is that as our souls get closer to SOURCE energy, we need to shed this notion that the companionship of other living souls is what will bring us closer to inner peace and joy, but that it is possible to find that connection within ourselves.

When we are connected to SOURCE, it is impossible to feel loneliness, because when you make that connection, you realize that all souls are ONE with the Universe, and you are a part of that whole.

As human being in our society, we have a nasty habit of assigning our happiness to an outside person or condition. “I will be happy if I can find a new boyfriend and get married; I will be happy if I get a bigger paycheck; I will be happy if I move to a new state or a new country; I will be happy if…” The problem with this line of thinking is that it assigns inner happiness to a person or condition that is completely outside of your control. It also places too much pressure on the people who care about you, because it is impossible for anyone to fulfill the needs of any person outside of themselves because they need to be working on their own inner happiness at the same time!

SPIRIT tells us that if you are the type of person who looks to the outside to fill a need on the inside, this is a “misuse of Life’s meaning” (Chart 14), and therefore, it is merely an illusion you have created for yourself so that you can avoid taking that responsibility yourself.

Many lonely people try to fill the gaps of loneliness in their lives with pets. Whether your preferred pet is a dog, cat, or any other type of animal, pets can be very loving and faithful companions. This is because most household pets are animals who instinctively bond to packs of other animals for mutual protection and a constant supply of food. In other words, as long as you keep the food coming, you can count of your four-legged companion to love and protect you for as long as they live.

Unfortunately, the Universe likes to remind us that while a pet can make a good temporary solution to our feelings of loneliness, their presence is only temporary as your beloved pets’ lifespan is significantly shorter than your own. Dogs only tend to live 11-13 years, and cats can live as long as 15-20 years, so at some point, you are going to need to deal with yourself once again as even your most loyal companion must eventually go away.

If you are a person who is currently dealing with feelings of loneliness and is constantly disappointed with the people, jobs and/or relationships that you bring into your life to fill those gaps in your soul, here is some helpful advice.

  1. Take a break. Instead of trying to look on the outside to find the perfect person to make you “complete”, seek that connection from within by looking for ways to connect to SOURCE. There are many ways you can do this, so find a way that works best for you.

  2. Try something new. If you are feeling lonely despite years of attending church, going to classes, or attending events designed especially for singles, try something else because what you have been doing before is obviously not working for you.

  3. Get help. If you have no idea what to do to get out of your old habits, seek the help of someone who can help you do that. A professional Life Coach or Counselor is best because they can provide you with tools and information to help you, and as a professional, you can be free to be honest about what you are going through without fear that they will repeat anything you say to them. An SRT Consultant will help you clear out any soul programs that are getting in the way of you being able to find your inner connection to SPIRIT, and they can help to point you in the right direction as to how to live your highest destiny.

As a Final Blessing, SPIRIT reminds us that it does not matter whether we walk this lifetime surrounded by loving companions or whether it is our highest destiny to walk the path by ourselves, we are never alone if we live our lives in connection with SOURCE. It takes work to establish and maintain that connection, and how we get there is unique to each of us, but if it means that we are never lonely again, is it not worth it?

Thank You SPIRIT!

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