The Cost of Ascension

How much does it cost to build a strong connection to SPIRIT? You could argue that since the journey to ascension is essentially a personal journey, then it must not cost very much, at least in terms of dollars and cents, but if you have spent any length of time a psychic medium, spiritual counselor or life coach, you have probably spent quite a bit of your actual cash!

What is the cost in terms of family relationships? Will your marriage or your relationship with your other family members be strong enough to withstand the 180 degree life change you will need to make in order to bring yourself closer to SPIRIT?

Recently, a family member of one of my clients asked me when they can become a “normal family” again. In other words, when was I going to “fix” things with their loved one so that they would start conforming to their vision of what a normal family should look and act like? To be honest, I did not really know what to say to them because according to the perspective of society’s definition of “normal”, a person who chooses the path of ascension will never fit into that box, and nor would we want them to.

Like all major life changes, the lead up to the decision for a person to choose a more spiritual path usually begins with pain. SPIRIT reminds us that our physical existence and the circumstances of our birth, socio-economic condition, and the roles that the other souls in our life play for us were preprogrammed before our creation. If our highest potential is to break away from an orthodox set of beliefs in order to pursue a more spiritual path, then the circumstances of that orthodox upbringing are going to be difficult.

If you are currently pursuing a spiritual path that you were not born into, recall how painful and discordant your life was before you found SPIRIT. Were you often depressed? Did you struggle with feelings of guilt and betrayal because you could not fit into the box your family created for you? Do you still struggle with those feelings whenever you get together with members of your family or when you meet with old friends who no longer understand you?

Once you found SPIRIT, was it difficult for you to relate back to your old life? In many cases, years-long marriages end in divorce. Children move far away from their parents where communication is seldom or completely broken. If this describes you, I am sure there are times when you miss the stability and security that those old relationships provided, but if you had the choice, would you willingly go back to that life?

SPIRIT reminds us that “Learning is a Continuous Process”, and that “experience” is the key to that process (Chart 27). Your High Self placed you into a life that had a strong potential of leading you onto the path of ascension, and the experiences that led you to that path was likely a painful one. We often say that the most advanced souls in the world are the ones who experience the most pain. In other words, in order for many of us to begin a journey to seek the light, we must first know what it is like to experience the darkness.

It would be nice if our loved ones can experience the journey of the enlightened path with us, but we must remember that their path is their own. If you choose to delay or end your journey to the light for the sake of a loved one who refuses to follow that path with you, then all you are doing is giving away your personal power to someone else. Making that choice may seem like the right thing to do in the short term, but eventually, those feelings of guilt, depression, and resentment will build inside of your soul.

There will come a time, perhaps in our own lifetimes or soon thereafter, where the path of ascension will be normal, and the dualistic path of the ego will be a relic of a less enlightened era. Robert Detzler sometimes referred to this coming time as the “New ONE Universe” (Chart 22). My son is already growing up in that era because he has parents who have chosen ascension over orthodoxy, which has already had a profound impact on him. This is not to say that he will not experience his own dark times ahead, but since he already has the tools to deal with those challenges, he has a better chance of coming out of those times with his inner strength intact. If we assume that he continues on this path and one day has children of his own, I can only imagine how enlightened those children will be!

If you have reached a point in your life where you want to pursue a more spiritual path, but you feel unsupported by the people and the circumstances of your life, then you need to seek out those you can help you. This is the primary focus of my work. Whether you see me only once or a hundred times, in our time together we will ask SPIRIT to provide you with the tools you need to help you find the inner strength you need to pursue a new path in your life.

The journey begins by letting go of the past and embracing the future, even when you have absolutely no idea where that future will lead you. It may cost you everything you ever knew or believed, or it may feel like a natural progression from a paradigm that caused you pain to a new paradigm that brings you nothing but joy.

If you are ready to let go of your pain and experience something different, you know where to find me.

Thank You SPIRIT!

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