Teamwork Matters

What is it that we can accomplish as a collective that we cannot do on our own? Why is it important that we organize ourselves in groups? What are the dangers of collective action to the journey of the self?

Over the past six months I have been increasingly involved with the Spiritual Response Association (SRA), first as a member of their Finance Committee, then as a Board Member and now as the President of the Board of Directors. In my capacity in these various roles, I quickly discovered that my extensive background in business put me in a unique position to affect positive change at the SRA to a level that the organization itself desperately needed. It is quite a challenge, but I do feel I am up to the task.

The irony is that about seven months ago after I was laid off from my last corporate job, I promised myself that I was done with working in the corporate/business world. Instead of simply working for a paycheck, I wanted to focus solely on building my spiritual counseling practice. Apparently, I may have been done when it came to business, but business was not done with me!

My biggest surprise was how much I enjoy being the President of the Board, not so much for the sake of my ego, but I am surprised at the level of satisfaction I am receiving at helping this organization re-discover its original vision. It is extremely satisfying to be able to bring people together, figure out a problem, and then pull them together to solve that problem.

We are only just at the beginning of this journey together, and I am very excited to see where this takes us!

In the context of my past, this experience is very different than anything else I have ever experienced. While I worked as an individual contributor in the corporate world, I generally felt that my first priority was to live up to the expectations of my immediate supervisors, and not really care about how the rest of the organization was impacted by my work. Sometimes the work I did was important to the livelihoods of the people I worked for. For example, when I supervised payroll at a car dealership, if I failed to do my job correctly, people did not get paid. However, in terms of the bigger picture, if that business were to suddenly go out of business tomorrow, there would be plenty of other car dealerships to take its place, and those workers who lost their jobs would likely find new jobs working for somebody else. In addition, when I stopped working there, someone else was assigned to do the payroll, and at least from the perspective of those employees and their paychecks, nothing really changed for them.

SPIRIT reminds us that "we are all vital to SPIRIT's understanding" (Chart 26), which I believe is meant to remind us that while it is important to us to individually deal with our own karma and our own soul programs, there is an element of collective effort that must be exerted as well. My personal vow to "Annihilate Evil" (Chart 24) by characterizing all business entities that were not my own as being "evil", I was resisting the opportunity within myself to clear this vow from my soul records.

Something you learn very quickly when you decide to own your own business is that organizations enable you to accomplish things more efficiently than what you can do on your own. In my book, Conscious Conduit: A User's Guide to Ascension, I spend an entire chapter talking about all of the different organizational roles you will need to play as the sole proprietor of your own energy healing business. As a business consisting of one person, it is easy to overlook important details, but the consequences are generally minor if you miss something. As your business grows, the details get more complicated and eventually you will need to get some help.

The SRA is US based nonprofit organization with an International membership that spans the entire globe. Their main function is to coordinate the education and certification of teachers and consultants throughout the world, plus they have a subsidiary company that operates an SRT call-in center where people may call for an SRT clearing at a moments notice.

The SRA is not your everyday nonprofit. This organization is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the work of Robert Detzler, and even though he is no longer with us on the physical plane, all of us strongly believe that his work must live on in those of us who teach and use this technology with our students and clients. Our collective efforts make a difference to ourselves and the world!

Therefore, here I am again, working for a corporate entity with all of the daily trials and petty details that must be attended to in order to keep its doors open. If we do our jobs right, our clients, teachers and students will never know the difference. In fact, my biggest hope is that the people we serve will begin to take us for granted. In other words, when they need something, it will be done fairly and seamlessly so that they can concentrate on the most important thing of all - doing the WORK!

This is not to say that this is my last stop on this interesting journey back into business. SPIRIT assures me that there are more "programs coming up" (Chart 15) either having to do with the SRA or perhaps with another business entity in the future. What I need to do is to embrace the skills and experiences I have accumulated in my life up to this point and apply them as SPIRIT sees fit.

I am excited to see where this crazy train takes me next!

Thank you SPIRIT!

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