Taking Advantage of Downtime

For today's SRT Business Owners clearing, the following charts were indicated:

19 - How to Change Your Life

Taking a Break

30 - Final Light

Infinity Stream

13 - Programs Before Creation

Infinite Levels Before Thought

8A - Inner Archetypes


If you have been doing this work for a while, you come to understand that in terms of cash flow and overall client load, you go through periods of feast and famine. Some months it may seem like you are seeing multiple clients each day, while other months you have long stretches of time when you are not seeing anyone at all. When you own a business, how you use your downtime can be just as critical to your long term success as how you use your time when you are very busy.

First of all, SPIRIT and I cannot emphasize enough the importance of "Taking a Break" (Chart 19) for the purpose of self-care. Whether you are seeing six clients in a day or only one or two, it is extremely important that you take the time for rest, meditation and physical exercise. I am guilty of wanting to use my downtime to catch up on paperwork, write, or doing research in order to help expand and build the practice. Finding ways to "keep busy" when you should be taking a break will only leave you feeling more frustrated and out of balance. Your time to rest is your time to recharge your batteries so that you can continue to do the good work that you do.

After you have taken the time for self-care, then you can use your time to do research to expand your understanding of what it means to be an energetic being, or to take a class so you can do a better job at running your business or serve your clients in interesting and unique ways. Robert describes the "Infinity Stream" (Chart 30) is "at the GODHEAD when the soul as completed its learning path and extends backward and forward without end" (Soul Re-Creation, page 141). On this same thread, we also have "Infinite Levels Before Thought" (Chart 13), which essentially means the same thing. What this tells me is that our knowledge of all the things we can learn to help both ourselves and our clients extends throughout all space and time, but if we are connected to the GODHEAD, then we can access that knowledge. Take advantage of your downtime to explore this.

Humanity is on the verge of something truly remarkable in terms of the expansion of our understanding of how the Universe works. I have been using by time in between clients and projects to explore this and if you have seen me as a client, you should have an idea of what I am talking about. Soon I will be sharing my research in the form of a workshop and it is absolutely AMAZING!

Lastly, SPIRIT indicated the Inner Archetype of "Paternal" (Chart 8a). I believe what SPIRIT is indicating is that while we are exploring more of the divine feminine in our energy work, we should not forget about bringing in the masculine energy as well. Masculine energy is the "getting it done" energy. It involves doing those tedious chores that we sometimes do not want to do, but we really should do in order to keep ourselves relevant to potential clients. These chores include, balancing your accounting books, updating your website, taking inventory of your merchandise, or taking a class a class about how to do your taxes!

We cannot be busy all the time, nor do we really want to be. Making productive use of your downtime, whether it is taking extra time for self-care or looking for ways to do your job better, will help you to walk away from any worry or fear you may be experiencing about your current cash flow situation. Temporary lulls are simply a part of the business we are in, but you will feel much better about them if you use your time effectively when they happen!

Thank You SPIRIT!

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