Stolen Abundance!

What is the Universe trying to tell us when the things we are attached to are taken away from us? If we are working on purging our minds of negativity, why do negative things still happen to us?

“Steph” on the Law of Attraction Changed My Life Facebook group shared this short story the other day. “Always been a pretty positive person but last night someone stole my wallet with nearly $800 in it! I’m so depressed! Can’t shake it! HELP!”

Some people make the mistake that if they simply start to change their negative thoughts into positive ones, then only “good” things will happen to them, and “bad” things will not. What we forget is that as physical beings on this plane, our very existence is experience contrast. Therefore, if your goal is to experience joy, you cannot know what joy is unless you can experience the equivalent opposite emotion. The more positive things you attract in your life, the more apparent the negative things in your life become to you.

Steph lost her wallet and now she is feeling depressed. She is grieving not only for the lost money, but also for her identification cards and bank cards, which she will now need to cancel and get re-issued. If she fails to act quickly, her identity will likely be stolen and she will need to work to rebuild that as well. Many of us also keep small priceless things in our wallets. Items like a ticket stub from your first date, a coin from an unforgettable trip to another country, a tattered picture a loved one who has passed.

Let us assume for a moment that Steph decided recently to work on becoming a more positive person. Let us also assume that up until this point in her life, Steph has been living her life in a more or less “neutral” place where the good things in her life were okay and the bad things in her life were tolerable. Steph decided to choose a more positive mind frame because her soul was yearning for a more meaningful life experience. So, she decided to get some books on positive thinking, she starts doing some exercises to change her frame of mind, she changes her diet to something more healthy and she starts a regular exercise routine.

Then her wallet is stolen! Why?

SPIRIT reminds us that we are all deliberate creators of the Universe. SPIRIT also reminds us that our non-physical souls chose to become physical beings so that we can experience the contrast of positive and negative energies, so that when we return to the non-physical realm, we can bring those experiences with us.

When we choose to experience a deeper and more meaningful life through our creative energies, we are attracting energy that is more positive into our lives. However, at the same time, we are also attracting greater contrast in the form of negative energy. The reason why we attract more negative energy into our lives is not only for the opportunity for our souls to experience the contrast, but to give ourselves an opportunity to get rid of some of the accumulated baggage in our lives that may be preventing us from experiencing a more positive experience in our lives.

Let us assume that in Steph’s wallet was an old ticket stub from her first date with a man who later broke her heart. Since her relationship with her former partner ended, she has not been able to open her heart to anyone else for fear of having it broken again. Now that the old ticket stub is gone, some of the energy attached to it is also gone, and perhaps that is exactly what Steph needs to open her heart again.

Let us say that Steph has been having trouble attracting more financial abundance in her life. She rarely ever carries more than $100 in her wallet, but tonight she has almost $800 because she just finished doing work for a client and she was on her way to the bank to deposit the money. On top of that, her wallet was full of maxed out credit cards. She is sad because that $800 was going to be the beginning of her big turnaround and now the money is gone!

The Universe may be trying to tell her that money and abundance are not necessarily connected. Because Steph spends so much of her energy equating abundance with money, she is failing to see all of the other things in her life that bring her abundance like her friends, her family, her dog or whatever. She now has an opportunity to cancel those credit cards once and for all, and express gratitude to the Universe for showing her that there is a lot more to abundance than just money!

It is so easy for us to simply move through life in a sort of auto-pilot mode. If we simply shut off our emotions and go through the motions, we can be safe from getting hurt by whatever life throws at us. However, when we shut ourselves off from experiencing pain, we also shut ourselves off from experiencing joy. SPIRIT wants us to experience the entire spectrum of our emotions so that we will work to attract more of the good things in our lives because we know and understand what the bad things feel like.

This process would be easier if we retained all of our past life memories from one lifetime to the next, but even though we tend to repeat the same dramas over and over again in several lifetimes, we have no active memories of those other lives so we have to work on the same things again. Therefore, the Universe provides us with subtle (and not-so-subtle) clues about what we need to get rid of in our lives in order to live our best one.

Steph getting her wallet stolen may have been the best thing that could have ever happened to her. That wallet may have been a symbol of something that has been holding back her soul over several lifetimes, and now that she has chosen to live a more abundant life in this one, the Universe has taken that old symbol away from her, which will now free her to experience abundance in a whole new way!

Thank You SPIRIT!

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