SPIRIT Juror #8

How can we tap into SPIRIT to help us judge others when the law requires it? Can we still do the work of healers when deciding the guilt or innocence of those who intentionally harm others?

One of the more unpleasant civic duties of citizenship in the United States is occasionally being summoned to sit on a jury within the judicial system. What makes the process unpleasant for most of us is due to the fact that the state is not only requiring us to pass judgement on another human being, but to do so within an incredibly narrow definition of "guilt beyond a reasonable doubt" within the law.

As a healer, I work very hard at not judging the actions nor the motivations of my clients. This is because I understand that everyone acts according to their soul programming and oftentimes the meaning in which another person acts or does harm to another can be part of the soul program of the person being harmed. SPIRIT refers to this as "Genetic DNA and Core Beliefs" (Chart 23), which is part of our Spiritual Realms Programs.

The State attempts to determine a person's guilt or innocence by examining evidence and only convicting a person of a crime when there is certainty beyond a reasonable doubt. What this means is that as a juror, even if you believe the defendant is guilty of doing harm, if the evidence does not prove that they are guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, then that person must be acquitted of the crime. It is an imperfect system that allows many guilty people to harm others with impunity, but it is also a system that works to prevent innocent people from being punished for crimes they did not commit.

While it is good to recognize that this system of justice is designed to protect the innocent, when you are an energetically sensitive person, being forced to use the rules of evidence and a strict interpretation of the law over your own gut instincts can be physically and emotionally draining.

One thing we must remember that while in the physical plane, all actions have consequences. Just because a person is not convicted of a crime due to a technicality of the legal system, does not mean that they are energetically off the hook. Intentional harm, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, creates an energetic imbalance in the Universe, which most people refer to as karma. When karma is created, whether in this lifetime or another, the Universe will seek balance, which can occur in this lifetime or another.

It is possible, that the intentional harm committed by one person against another is the balancing of karma from a prior lifetime. If that the person is found not guilty of the crime by a jury it could be the Universe saying that the karma of the previous lifetime is now balanced. Therefore, who are we to judge the soul path of another person, even in cases where our gut is telling us that a person is guilty?

It is also possible that this not a defendant's first time dealing with the consequences of their actions, but they are suffering from a program of an "Unwillingness to Learn" (Chart 17). The Universe may be allowing them to walk away from one bad decision in their lives in order to help them learn not to repeat that same mistake in this lifetime.

If or when you are ever called to sit on a jury in a criminal case, you learn pretty quickly that by the time a case goes to trial, there are enough grey areas in the case where establishing guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is highly unlikely.

Therefore, before the trial begins, you should work to clear yourself of any preconceived notions or emotional attachments the case may bring up in you. Attorneys will try to evoke your emotions when presenting the evidence and when they interview witnesses. You cannot allow any of that to affect you. In the jury room, your fellow jurors will have opinions based on how the witnesses made them feel, but you need to remember that a case is decided on the evidence presented, and not on whether you think that one witness is more trustworthy than another or whether you believe the defendant is a "good" person or a "bad" person.

Then, once the trial is complete and you are released from your obligation, go home and clear yourself of any residual emotional energies you may have picked up during the day either from the witnesses, the defendant or from your fellow jurors.

Finally, remember that the Universe does not work in a vacuum, and that there are no accidents when it comes to your own soul path. Therefore, you should also examine what the Universe was trying to show you about yourself when it asked you to act as a judge of the actions of another human being whom you have never met before.

What did they allegedly do that connects to your own soul path? What soul programs are they currently running that you can relate directly to your own soul's learning? What soul programs is the Universe asking you to clear within yourself?

Thank You SPIRIT!

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