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How can we tap into SPIRIT to help us navigate the day-to-day operations of our jobs or businesses? How do we utilize the vast wisdom of the Universe when making difficult business decisions?

Incorporating a SPIRIT perspective into business decisions may seem counter-intuitive at first. After all, often when we make decisions for our businesses, we need to set aside our personal feelings and do what is best to allow our businesses to thrive. This can be extremely difficult for some of us to do, especially if we are highly empathetic.

SPIRIT reminds us that the soul qualities of "unity" and "compassion" serve us well when dealing with the work we do with our clients and customers, "control, restraint," and "harmony" serve us far better when we are managing our worldly affairs (Chart 2). If the work of our business venture is to assist humanity towards ascension, then we must find ways where we can do that work efficiently, even if it means that we must set aside our compassion from time to time in order to make that happen.

That said, SPIRIT cautions us that in our pursuit to make sound business decisions, that we avoid the negative motivations of "appeasement", "fear", and "coercion" (Chart 5), as oftentimes we tend to carry a false belief in a Machiavellian idea that in order to be an effective manager, one needs to be feared and loved at the same time.

It is entirely possible to remain connected to SPIRIT while making difficult management decisions, but it is very important that we work to maintain a minimal influence of the ego and we remain focused on the reasons why the Work is important. Then it is possible to use the pendulum to help make difficult decisions that are in alignment with your highest good and the good of the business.

One of the most uncomfortable decisions of any owner/manager is the hiring of new employees. Let us say that you are looking to hire an office manager for your growing small business. You have done all the work at describing exactly what this person will do, how much you will pay them, and what skills they are going to need on their first day on the job. You place an ad on an online job board and now you have over 100 applicants all competing for the same job.

After completing the initial sorting process and you have a group of candidates who have all the necessary qualifications and experience, ask High Self to select the group you want to interview. You can this by simply asking High Self to give you a simple yes/no as you go down a list of candidates, or you can assign each candidate a number and use one of the number charts to select the ones who you are going to schedule an interview.

After the interviews are complete, it is possible you may not have a clear match. At this point, ask High Self the percentage of benefit to the business that each candidate will bring. The one who gets the highest percentage gets the job.

You can use this method when choosing new vendors, contractors, merchandise, or even which trade shows you should attend.

One of the most unpleasant tasks of a manager is to end a business relationship or terminate an employee. Nobody likes being the bearer of bad news, but rather than trying to avoid giving bad news and allowing your business to suffer in the meantime, you can ask SPIRIT for the assistance you need.

When faced with the need to do unpleasant business, first consult with High Self to determine whether you have exhausted all other options. It is possible that people are experiencing strong emotions, which may be affecting everyone's better judgement.

Was your vendor really trying to cheat you, or was it simply a miscommunication?

Was your employee being insubordinate, or did you not train them properly?

Is that new product or service not selling because you are not marketing it properly or are your clients simply not interested in it?

Before you decide to cut lose an asset that is not working for you, first reduce the influence of your ego to less than 3% and then ask SPIRIT to indicate the percentage of benefit of keeping this relationship to the overall success of your business. Then ask the percentage of benefit of ending the relationship.

It is important in both cases to phrase the question to SPIRIT in such a manner that your ego does not try to sneak in. For example, if you ask SPIRIT to indicate the percentage that this business relationship will "hurt" your business, now you are asking a personal question about your emotional state. By phrasing each question in the "positive" and using words like "benefit" and "highest good", you are ensuring that you are connecting to the highest vibration possible.

Once you have your answer from SPIRIT, now you need to act on it without fear. If you choose to second guess the message from SPIRIT, or if you back down because you are afraid of confrontation, then perhaps the next question you should be asking High Self is "what is the percentage of benefit to me staying in business for myself?"

Thank You SPIRIT!

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