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What can our friends from our past teach us about our present selves? Why do we create elaborate fictions about the lives of our friends, and why are we tempted to create elaborate fictions about our lives on social media? How do we clear our tendency towards dishonesty so that we can present ourselves in a more authentic way?

Most of us have some sort of social media presence, whether that happens to be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the dozens of other platforms in the world. Through social media, we can feel like we belong to a community of people whether these people are members of your family, classmates, or even casual acquaintances. Through the lens of our profiles, and the posts that we create and share, we present to the world an image of ourselves, or at least the image we want others to see and believe.

If you are a person who needs to feel powerful, you will post pictures and images of your adventures, big and small. If you are lonely and need to feel loved, you are the type of person who posts words and images of your own pain and suffering so that your friends can reach out and comfort you. If you are a person who needs people to believe you are always right, your posts will be more or less political. If you are a person who needs to feel popular and liked, you are the type of person who posts animal videos and memes that you know will generate lots of "likes" and "shares".

When we look at our own social media profiles, and especially the types of posts we present to the world, we can start to see the contrast between the very public image we project into the world verses the actual authentic self-image of the person who created it.

I recently re-connected with an old friend of mine from High School who happened to move to the same town I live in. I have been a follower of this person on social media for several years, and yet when we finally sat talking over lunch, I suddenly realized that I had very little idea about who this person was or how much we actually had in common!

Our careers had similar paths, we suffered from a similar spiritual crisis, we both found love, and we both suffered loss. Naturally, the details were different, but as I have learned through my work as a Spiritual Counselor, often the details do not have the importance that we assign to them.

The most remarkable thing about our first meeting was that I had no idea who this person was based on their social media posts, and yet I felt like I knew this person because their journey was my journey. And now that we are neighbors and friends in what is probably the most unlikely place in the world for anyone to meet again after so many years, I knew right away that SPIRIT set things up this way.

As we already know, souls have a tendency to travel together in packs. That is, the same group of souls tend to follow you from lifetime to lifetime, which is a program that was placed into our soul records even before the creation of our reality (Chart 13). What many of us mistakenly believe, is that our "soul pack" consists of people who comprise our immediate nuclear families and/or a select group of friends and acquaintances who follow us throughout our lives. This is not necessarily so. (Chart 22)

Often what happens is that the members of our soul group only come along after they have had a lifetime's worth of experiences. The reason for this is that there were things they had to experience first in order for them to be the "guide" (Chart 4b) that we need at this junction in our lives.

For example, on the podcast, LOAToday, Walt Theissen often tells the story of how he met his wife Louise. After several decades of unsuccessful dating, Walt had just about given up on ever finding anyone he could share his life with. It was just at that moment when this woman came into his life, who also suffered from a long string of failed relationships. In each of their cases, they had spent too much wasted time trying too hard to make successful relationships, and both of them were tired of trying. If either one of them met the other while they were in the middle of their "trying phase", the relationship would not have worked out. Fortunately, they found each other at exactly the right moment when they were most receptive to each other and over the course of their 20 plus year marriage, they discovered that their souls have been traveling together over many lifetimes.

The same is true for the meeting between myself and my friend. After High School, we completely lost touch with each other, which is often what happens. Yes, we did go to the same reunions together, but I do not recall if we even said "hello" to each other at those events. For 30 years, we might have well lived on separate planets despite the fact that for most of that time, we lived less than two miles away from each other.

Despite the fact that social media has opened a window into the private lives of so many people across the world, something we must always keep in mind is that any image we reflect of ourselves for others is just the illusion we want them to see rather than our authentic selves. If we want to clear this tendency toward dishonesty so that we can present a more authentic version of ourselves, we must first get a clear idea of who we actually are. We do this by clearing the programs and patterns from our soul records that are not serving our highest good and towards new programs that can help us.

Thank you SPIRIT!

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