Setting Boundaries

What happens when our desire to help others takes precedence over taking care of ourselves? How do we establish healthy boundaries with non-physical entities who may not understand that as physical beings, we need things like sleep, recreation, and time to integrate the work?

Several of my clients are intuitive empaths. A common feature among these individuals is their ability to communicate with the non-physical world in a way that most people cannot even imagine, let alone do. In most cases, intuitive empaths never asked for this ability to speak and work with spirits. It was simply within the soul path of their current lifetime that they have this ability.

As humanity gets closer to ascension, more of us will become empathic in this way.

The biggest difficulty for people who are connected to the non-physical world is that once you are connected, it is very difficult to turn it off. These people generally have access to non-physical entities 24 hours a day, and unlike physical beings, non-physical beings do not sleep or eat. Further, non-physical beings do not recognize doors or walls and they generally do not have any concept of the time of day.

In other words, if you are a person who speaks with spirits, chances are that you have had more than your share of sleepless nights!

SPIRIT informs us that part of the reason why spirits come to speak with us at inconvenient times is due to the Negative Motivation of “Appeasement” (Chart 5). That is, a part of us wants to help those non-physical beings who need us, and so we allow them to come to us whenever they want to. The obvious problem with this, of course, if you are working to help non-physical entities at two in the morning, not only will your work be not as effective as it could be, but by neglecting your body’s natural physical needs, your health will begin to suffer to the point where you will be the one in need of assistance!

For people who first discover that they have the ability to communicate with the non-physical world, it can be very intriguing to open your door to the spirits who need to speak to you whenever or wherever they want to, but eventually it is going to take a toll on your physical well-being.

If this describes your situation, then perhaps it is time you established some healthy boundaries with your non-physical friends!

Let us say that you had a friend who always likes to call you to chat whenever they sit down to eat lunch. At exactly 12 noon each day, they give you a call on your phone and you chat for about an hour before the two of you decide to get on with your day. This is not a problem as long as the two of you live in the same time zone, but let us say that your friend lives in Hong Kong, and you live in New York. 12 Noon in Hong Kong is 12 Midnight in New York, so while your friend is enjoying the warm sunshine of a midday meal, you were trying to get some sleep!

This is how it is for our non-physical friends, except that they have no concept of what time of day or night it happens to be on your side of the veil, so when they decide to stop by for a visit, they have no idea how inconvenient it may be for you to speak with them.

For people who have never worked with a non-physical being before, it can be quite frightening and confusing. Many people who are new to this seek help from psychiatrists and mental health professionals as it can feel like you are losing your mind! SPIRIT reminds us that “Experience is the Process” (Chart 27) when it comes to our soul’s journey to ascension, and the pain and confusion that you experience while discovering your abilities as an intuitive empath is just another part of that process.

Below are some tips for you to follow when working with non-physical entities.

Be clear about what you want. If you have no desire to work with non-physical beings, you need to express that desire positively. For example, if you say “I do not want to work with spirits”, what the Universe will hear is “work with spirits” and more will be coming. However, if you express your desire as “I want to only work with physical beings”, then the Universe through the Law of Attraction will obey your wishes. If you want to continue working with non-physical beings but you want to only work with them when it is convenient for you, express your desire as “I want to work with non-physical spirits and entities at those times that are convenient for me”.

Call for help from your spirit helpers. We all have several spirit helpers in the non-physical world who are there to assist us in our spiritual journey. Do not be afraid to call upon them for help. These include your guardian angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and many others who love and care about you and your journey through the physical plane. As you express your desire to the Universe, assign your helper spirits to assist you and remove any spirits who are not willing or able to do so.

Take time for self-healing and rest. This is the most important thing of all. You are no good to anyone if you are tired, sick or emotionally fragile. Physical existence is difficult enough, but trying to live a physical life in pain is unnecessarily harder. Again, ask your helper spirits to help provide for your physical needs while you take the time to do what you need to do in order to live a balanced life.

The work we do in this lifetime as we all become more connected with the non-physical world is extremely important to the overall ascension of humanity. If the Universe has chosen you to be one of its conduits or healers, then in order to live your highest destiny, you must heed that call. However, you must not allow the work of being a channel to the spirit world to supersede your work as a physical being here on the physical plane.

Thank You SPIRIT!

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