Rising Up the Emotional Scale

Why is it important that we increase our emotional vibration? Can we still do the work of healers when our emotional vibration is at a low level?

My friend, Walt Theissen is the main host of the podcast, LOAToday. He recently decided to buy himself a pendulum and learn more about Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). A devoted follower of Abraham/Hicks and Neville Goddard, Walt wanted to see if it was possible to use the pendulum to help him increase his emotional vibration in accordance with the Abraham/Hicks Emotional Scale.

The Abraham/Hicks Emotional scale is a 22 step continuum of emotional states that begins at the lowest vibration and works its way up to the highest vibration. Abraham revealed the scale to Ester and Jerry Hicks in the book "Ask and it is Given; Learning to Manifest Your Desires". The idea behind the emotional scale is that the higher you are on it, the more likely you will be to manifest the results you are looking for, and less of what you do not.

Neville Goddard (1905-1972) often would instruct his followers to "Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled", whenever you desire something in your life to actually happen. For example, if you wish to have that promotion at work you have been working for, Goddard would tell you to close your eyes and imagine yourself already having that promotion. When imagining that moment when that promotion is yours, take note of all the emotions that come with that wish being fulfilled. He would then instruct you to repeat that imagineering exercise until your wish actually comes true.

The problem that most people have with following the advice of Abraham/Hicks and Neville Goddard is that it is very difficult to tune out all of the negative thoughts we have that prevent us from getting what we want, no matter how hard we try to imagine ourselves already having it. This is because many of us have programs and blocks within our subconscious minds that have a nasty habit of creeping into our fantasies no matter how hard we try to expel them.

Walt's hypothesis was that if he could put the Abraham/Hicks Emotional Scale onto a pendulum chart, he could ask SPIRIT to tell him where he was on the scale so that he could then ask High Self to raise his emotional vibration to a point where manifesting his beliefs would be more possible. After creating the chart, he started to use it on himself and he was surprised to find that it worked quite well!

Using the Abraham/Hicks Emotional chart in this manner is very similar to an SRT protocol that we call the "Alpha to Omega" clearing, which helps our souls rise up the Levels of Soul Consciousness (Chart 3). How this works is you ask High Self to show you where your current level of soul consciousness is on the chart, and if it is not within the "New Paradigm" above "Radiant Love", then you need to research and clear all programs that are preventing it from getting there.

For example, if we were to find that your soul consciousness is unable to progress beyond the "5th Eden" on the second page of Chart 3, we would then ask SPIRIT to tell us what program(s) are preventing the soul from advancing. The way I explain it to clients is that I tell them to imagine themselves standing at gates of Heaven, but in order to pass through and be with the Almighty, they need to leave behind whatever emotional baggage they brought with them from the time they were alive. The soul research lets them know what that baggage consists of, and once we are able to clear and let all that go, their soul can then advance beyond that particular gate.

Rising up the Abraham/Hicks Emotional scale can be used in a very similar manner, except instead of advancing your soul to the next level of consciousness, instead you are working on leaving behind low vibration emotions and embracing emotions of a higher vibration.

For example, let us say that you are stuck on the emotional scale at "Worry". The emotion of Worry is number 14 out of 22 on the emotional scale, so we can all agree that when we worry about things, it is very hard to manifest anything except more worry. We could go to the SRT charts at this point to determine whether a certain program is keeping us at that emotional scale, or we can try one of the various cognitive exercises suggested by Abraham/Hicks to try to get yourself out of a low emotional state and into a higher vibrational state.

To move yourself out of Worry, one of my favorite exercises is called "Wouldn't it be nice if...". If you are worried that you will never have enough money, you repeat to yourself, "Wouldn't it be nice if I had all the money I needed?" If you are worried that you might not get an important project done on time, you repeat to yourself, "Wouldn't it be nice if that project was already done!".

What this exercise does it places you into the head space of already having the thing you are worried about not having, and it allows you to start feeling what it would feel like when whatever you are worried about is going your way. When you repeat this exercise often enough, you begin to convince the subconscious that it is already true and then it is more likely to actually happen.

Thank You SPIRIT and thank you, Walt for this interesting variant on a traditional SRT protocol!

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