Resisting Client Drama

People who have chosen the path to be Spiritual healers understand the enormous personal time and perseverance required to heal wounds and raise their own vibration to a higher level. People new to the field often assume that those of us who are teachers and long-time practitioners have been successful at getting their own personal drama under control so they can be able to share their gifts with others, but that is generally not the case. SPIRIT reminds us that so long as we have breath in our lungs, we have programs, blocks and experiences that we need to work through, and that work oftentimes continues after death and into other lifetimes and other dimensions.

For those of us who are called to share our gifts with clients and friends, it is especially challenging for us to remain on our own path as we are presented with souls who may or may not be as connected to SOURCE as we are. Rarely does a client come to us for a quick “tune up” or out of mere curiosity. When my clients come to see me, their lives are generally in crisis where they need SPIRIT to provide clearing, healing and direction to their lives. Their struggles often feel like a life or death and the intensity of those emotions can be very draining to those of us who are sensitive to it.

While we want to treat each of our clients with respect, compassion and empathy, it can be very challenging at times to keep ourselves from being sucked into the drama.

SPIRIT reminds us that “Sensitivity to Others Energy” (Chart 17) is a very important characteristic of any healer. However, when our “Etheric Body (is) out of Balance” (Chart 14), it becomes too easy for us to be energetically affected by the dysfunctional patterns of others, but especially our clients since we tend to get to know them on a deeply intimate level through soul research. This is the reason why many healers need to take a significant amount of time off for themselves throughout the year in order to give themselves the time to recalibrate and reconnect to their own soul’s journey. Unfortunately, when you have bills to pay and families to care for, taking time off is not always an option.

So what do you do if you need to keep seeing clients because you need the cash flow to keep your practice going, but you are finding yourself sucked into the dysfunctional dramas of your clients, and that heavy, dysfunctional energy is starting to affect the quality of your work?

SPIRIT reminds us that our inability to separate our own soul’s path from the path of our clients is generally due to a “Dysfunction of God Consciousness at the Spirit Level” (Chart 12), which was introduced into our “Personal Soul Package” (Chart 30) at the Spirit energy programming phase of the creation of our soul as a separate entity apart from SOURCE.

To put the above passage into context, we are reminded that all Souls come from SOURCE or the “Grand I Whole” on Chart 3. SOURCE energy desires to understand itself through experiences that can only happen on the physical plane, because it is only here, as incarnate beings, where we can experience the contrast of disconnection from SOURCE. As each soul begins the transition from being part of the omnipotence of SOURCE to being individual beings separated from SOURCE, each soul is given a “Personal Soul Package”, which contains its instructions for the various lessons, programs and experiences it will have prior to rejoining SOURCE. In order to maximize the contrast, dysfunctional programs and energies are integrated into each soul package on a very deep level, and are an important part of your soul records.

Fortunately, through our work on ourselves and with our clients, we know that the integrated instructions into our Personal Soul Package are merely an illusion created by SPIRIT in order to provide us with discordant experiences. Therefore, if these instructions are merely illusion, then we know that through SRT and our own Spiritual work, we can clear these instructions and replace them with new instructions that allow us to live better, more fulfilled lives.

Chart 24 (Rebirth Conscious Mind), reminds us that in order to avoid the trap of falling into the dramas and programs of our clients, we must remind ourselves of the “Goal” of our work is to first maintain our own path to ascension, and to then help our clients to find the path themselves. In order to do this, we must constantly clear our own soul records of the dysfunctional programs and instructions placed there prior to our first incarnation, and replace them with a desire for continued ascension back to SOURCE. That way, we will able to maintain the presence of mind to assist our clients through their own darkness so that they, too, and find the light for themselves.

Here are some simple tips you can use on yourselves to prevent you from being vulnerable to the discordant energies of your clients.

1) Avoid the news. Whether it is broadcast news, print media, or articles on the Internet, news stories bring down your vibrational energy, which increases your vulnerability to the discordant energies of your clients. If you MUST know what is going on in the world, do so on your day off, and not on days when you will be seeing clients.

2) Take a break between clients. Set aside 15 minutes to an hour between clients to allow yourself to re-clear your work space and reconnect to SOURCE.

3) Exercise daily self-care. Exercise, read, meditate, practice mindful eating, and/or do whatever it is you do to continue your own path to ascension.

Thank You SPIRIT!

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