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With all the blocks and interferences in both the physical and non-physical world, how do we know that we are always harmonized to receive the energies that will benefit ourselves and all of humanity, and block out the energies determined to prevent it?

Like it or not, there are energies and individuals in the Universe who are perfectly satisfied with humanity being slaves to their power structures. After all, humanity’s tendency for seeking persons and institutions for spiritual enlightenment was encoded onto humanity’s DNA tens of thousands of years ago, and as a result, almost all of recorded human history has been a struggle between those who have wealth and power and those to do not.

As most of us in the energetic healing arts are aware, we are in the middle of one of the greatest energetic shifts in human history. In the Mayan Calendar, we are moving from the 5th Cycle, back to the 1st Cycle, which is why many people misinterpreted 2012 as the end of history, when in fact, it was merely the beginning of history’s rebirth. The Astrological calendar, which is marked by the constellation at sunrise during the Vernal or Spring Equinox is moving out of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces began at around the year 0 CE, and is often referred to as the “Age of Christianity” as Christian iconology frequently contains images of a fish. Finally, the Vedic Calendar shows us on the transition between the “Iron Age” where most souls are cut off from SOURCE and where the ego reigns over intuition and spirituality and moving into a new “Golden Age” where all sentient beings are harmoniously connected to both the physical and nonphysical worlds.

The above illustration also appears in my book, Spirit Path Book of Days: Volume 1.

At first glance, we can look at our current transition phase as an inevitable evolution from one set of ideas and beliefs to another. That we can simply sit back and let it happen, and not concern ourselves with preparing ourselves for the change.

Unfortunately, as with all dramatic changes in life, this one also comes with an enormous number of challenges and conflicts to overcome. There are individuals and institutions in the world who have greatly benefited from mankind’s separation from SOURCE over the last 2000 years. Over the generations, they have accumulated vast resources, technologies, and made many allies both on and off our planet, and will stop at nothing in order to keep humanity in a state of ignorance and slavery, even if it leads to their own eventual destruction.

As many of us have already experienced as we have worked to clear the influence of the ego in our own lives, it is foolish to underestimate the determination and resources of those who are purely driven by the power of the ego to keep things the same as it has always been for the last 2000 years.

SPIRIT reminds us that the struggles that we face when confronting the influences of a dying epoch are “Programs Coming Up” (Chart 15). That is to say, that our efforts to shake our unconscious, programmed desire to give up our energy to those who would enslave us come up each time we are successful at connecting with SOURCE energy, despite their efforts to prevent it.

The first step to shaking off our slavery mentality begins with limiting our ability to be distracted by the trappings of a multi-media environment. Turn off the news, unfollow those who bombard your social media account with negative messaging or better yet, limit your exposure to social media altogether. Stop looking toward religious leaders, priests, teachers, healers and/or politicians to provide you with the instruction manual for life. Feel free to seek guidance from these people, but recognize that your journey is your own, and on your own, you need to find your own path.

SPIRIT tells us that the second step is to practice clearing on a daily basis. Specifically, SPIRIT tells us to do an “Alpha to Omega Search, Clear and Harmonize” (Chart 21), which is a much more involved process than simply asking High Self to clear and harmonize in our Prep to Work. In SRT terms, this involves a complete soul and High Self Committee elevation and clearing on Chart 3 so that the soul and all members of your High Self Committee are resonating at the New Paradigm above Radiant Love. This is often difficult to accomplish without the assistance of an experienced SRT Practitioner, so be sure to seek the assistance of one even if you are a practitioner yourself.

Once you have disconnected to the distractions and cleared and harmonized your soul, then you will be “Open to Receive Greater Good” (Chart 21), plus you will be in a position to help others along that path as well. Repeat the above steps often, as the powers who want to prevent you from doing this work will continue their attempts to distract you from your path.

Lastly, SPIRIT reminds us that the road ahead is going to be a treacherous one, as “Things that are Hidden, Buried or Covered Up” (Chart 25) will be there to attempt to block your path much like a road that is full of traps, landmines and IED’s. The difference between a physical trap and a metaphysical trap is that a metaphysical trap affects the mind and the spirit, while the effects of a physical trap are a lot more obvious. However, both types of traps can be just as serious at preventing you from doing the work you need to do.

Just because a calendar informs us that we are moving into a different, more enlightened age than the one that came before does not get us off the hook from the work we need to do to reach that goal. Success is not guaranteed. The only way to successfully make the transition, we must shed the influence of the ego, make the choice to not be distracted off the path, and do the work to clear our soul records of the discordant programs that are preventing us from living our best lives.

This is not supposed to be easy, but I believe that you and I are up to that challenge!

Thank You SPIRIT!

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