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Light Winter Reading

It's been awhile since I last put out a newsletter. Since the holidays, I've had to put all personal projects on hold in favor of intensely interesting projects for others! In 2022 I met David and Marjorie Haight at the American Society of Dowsers annual convention. David has solved 4 of the world's impossible math problems and has recently solved another.

So why was I there?

Not too many people know that I have long been a researcher of consciousness since I was in acupuncture school learning about the Dao. My husband is a dowser and together we have made amazing tools for his personal practice from this research. David and Marjorie took notice and asked for help with some images for one of Marjorie's upcoming books. I was thrilled to help! David is a professor of philosophy, brilliant mathematician, and both him and Marjorie are avid scholars of quantum mechanics and consciousness, and they both have written many volumes on all of the above subjects. It was such a breath of fresh air to read something outside of the mainstream, and Marjorie furnished me with a 5" binder of fantastic articles that support her ideas. Into the quantum mechanics vibe? Want to delve into something new and as deep as the Vermont snow? Join me reading, "The Scandal of Reason" by David and Marjorie Haight!

So much came out of being at the dowser's conference! I met some new friends who I now hold dear, and got to know more of the dedicated people who now run the ASD. My husband recently joined their board as Treasurer and while he got involved with some of their new projects, I tagged along to help. This led to a great project that I am now doing - compiling the works of legendary dowser, Walt Woods. Walt passed in 2011, but left behind a wealth of information and a tried and true system for dowsing for the land and yourself. As I've been retyping and combining all of Walt's books (which were printed using a Xerox machine, or maybe something older) I started to really learn how to dowse for water, geopathic stress, personal conditions, and more! Walt has some great charts in there that I had the pleasure of redrawing. This book will be released sometime in 2023, and will be announced here! In the meantime, if you got inspired to look into dowsing and how you can use it for yourself, check out the ASD website at

or Vitalbioenergetics,com. At Vital, you can learn all about what you're focusing on in the present to help solve personal issues and long-standing problems you thought you could never change. Ask Bill to see the Time Temple Charts we created together!

Whatever your light winter reading is, enjoy your quiet "me" time! Just add tea and a warm blanket and you have the perfect winter day!

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