Letting Go of the Oars

Why is it so hard for us to let go of control in our lives and allow ourselves to be simply led by SPIRIT? What makes allowing ourselves to be guided by SOURCE such a frightening experience? What can we do to let go of that fear, and just allow SPIRIT to guide us on our journey?

On a recent appearance on LOAToday, I was speaking with host, Walt Theissen and Life Energy Coach Linda Armstrong about the different uses of the pendulum for everyday life. During the conversation, I told them that I sometimes need to receive “yes-no” responses from SPIRIT while I am driving. Since it would not be useful, and potentially very dangerous, to swing a pendulum while in a moving vehicle, I told them that for simple questions, I use a quick muscle test that I learned from Dr. Karen Kan, which does the trick.

Walt then asked me if I used muscle testing as a sort of internal navigator, like a GPS, when I need to figure out where I needed to go. I laughed when I told him that whenever I need a GPS to figure out where I need to go, I plug in my GPS and I leave the muscle testing for the more important questions in my life!

Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks, also refers to the internal GPS when it comes to how we choose to navigate our life path. When we need to go somewhere new and we do not know how to get there, we plug in the electronic navigator and it tells us how to get there. To simply follow the highlighted path.

In the days before electronic navigators, long trips required map-reading skills, mathematics, and a lot of blind faith that the roads we were seeking were not clogged with traffic or detoured due to construction. These days, we can go on journeys of hundreds of miles with nothing more than an address and know almost exactly what time we will arrive. Abraham also says that we all have our own internal guidance systems in place whenever we are connected to SOURCE energy, and just like how we can simply allow the computer to guide us to where we need to go, we can trust that SPIRIT will guide us in the right direction.

Abraham refers to this as “Letting Go of the Oars” as though you are paddling a boat down a river, and rather than trying to steer your vessel, you simply allow the current to take you where you need to go.

SPIRIT reminds us that we are often blocked from the ability to surrender to SPIRIT by our experiences in our many past lives and past lives in other dimensions (Chart 25). We have had hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of lifetimes on the physical plane where letting go of our control may have had disastrous results. Since those lifetimes remain in our unconscious memory, we become blocked from trusting anything beyond what we can see, taste or touch.

“Oneness with GOD/SPIRIT is the goal” (Chart 27), but in order to be truly one with God or SPIRIT, we have to let go of our senses and trust that we will be guided on the correct path, no matter how crazy that path appears to be. While it may seem crazy to some people, the one thing you discover almost immediately when you surrender your path to SPIRIT is how easy it is how clear your path suddenly becomes. Once free of the need to control each opportunity and event in your life, a world of possibilities opens for you and you discover that the Universe wants you to be successful! The more we try to take control over our own life path, the more difficult it is to keep it heading in the right direction.

Abraham tells us that when we attempt to take too much control over our lives, we find ourselves trying to push ourselves against the current and directly into treacherous waters. As we let go of the oars, the boat eventually finds its own way down the river and we end up arriving at our destination without that much effort from us.

This is not to say that even with SPIRIT guiding your path that you will not hit the occasional rock or two. Life is still going to happen no matter who is at the controls. However, since you have left the heavy lifting to SPIRIT as to where you go and how you get there, more of your energy can be devoted to actually learning from the experiences in your life rather than simply reacting to them. We came to this life in the physical realm for two purposes, to learn and to have fun.

By allowing yourself to surrender the navigation of your life to SPIRIT, more of your energy can go to learning your lessons and enjoying those special moments in your life!

Thank You SPIRIT!

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