Helping With Integrity

Why is it more important that we help ourselves before we can help others? Can the act of helping others be unhealthy to both ourselves and to the people we are trying to help?

There is no higher calling in life than to be of service to others. Being of service is one of the best ways to epitomize the soul qualities of “Understanding and Love” (Chart 2) to humanity while we travel on this collective journey of life.

This idea of service to others is one of the pillars of all major religions of the world, but what is often misunderstood is the need to be of service to ourselves, because if we fail to take care of ourselves first, we will be unable to be of service to anyone else. Too often, the concept of service is paired with the concept of sacrifice, where we must give up a piece of ourselves in order to serve the greater good.

Sacrifice is a personal ideal, and should only be done in the service of yourself, and not for others.

This is a difficult concept for highly religious people to understand, because their Churches and other religious organizations often call upon their flocks to make enormous sacrifices in order to build their institutions of worship. They are told that their sacrifices are made to serve the greater good, and yet these same institutions place the names of their largest donors on brass placards, walkway bricks, or cast in bronze relief on prominent walls of their new buildings.

SPIRIT informs us that when “recognition and prestige” (Chart 2) is paired with sacrifice and service to others, the motivation is often some form of “conscious control” and “power and manipulation” (Chart 5). In other words, when a prominent donor seeks to have their name emblazoned where everyone can see, what they are actually saying to their community is that they have money and power, and that their fellow parishioners do not.

At that point, the donation becomes more about the satisfaction of the ego of the donor and less about the cause itself.

Oftentimes a charitable organization or a school will name a building, a wing of a building, or a room after the primary donor who made it possible. In fact, some organizations try to get large donors to compete with each other for "naming rights" for the project. This projects a sense of ownership on the part of the donor, which again, does more to feed the ego rather than provide a needed facility or service for the people who will use it.

Therefore, if money is something that you have to give in order to be of service to an organization or cause you believe in, then your donation should be made anonymously, and in a quantity that will not place an undo burden on your own health or safety.

So when you are deciding which charity to give your time or money to, you should first ask yourself whether you are making a choice for the people who are being helped, or are you simply choosing the charity that you can talk about in front of your friends and co-workers to demonstrate how "selfless" you are.

Help to others also extends to individuals as well as charities. When you help a family member or a close friend in need, is it right to expect repayment or some other in-kind favor in return for your charity? If you are in a position where your help will create an undo burden to the point where some sort of repayment is necessary, you need to ask yourself whether the charity you are giving is placing too much of a burden on your own health and safety. If it is, you need to adjust the level of your assistance to one where you can do so comfortably. Otherwise, what you are actually doing is creating karma or perpetuating a discordant program that is likely to follow you into your next lifetime together.

When it comes to helping others in need, it is important that your first priority is to yourself. If your gift will place too much of a burden on your time and resources to the point where your health and safety are in jeopardy, you need to cut back. If you feel compelled to give despite the hardships you experience, chances are you are running a soul program that needs to be researched and cleared.

Before you give anything to anyone, be sure that your ego has been reduced to less than 3% and ask High Self the percentage of positive and negative energy associated with the decision. If everything looks good from an energetic perspective, try your best to give anonymously or if that is impossible, give without any expectation of receiving anything in return.

Thank You SPIRIT!

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