Following Instructions

Why is it that even when SPIRIT provides us with very clear instructions about the choices we need to make and the changes we need to manifest in our lives, many of us simply choose to go our own way instead? Granted, sometimes what SPIRIT asks of us can be difficult or seem impossible, but if we are 100% certain that the directive comes directly from SOURCE, why do we hesitate or choose to disobey?

SPIRIT informs us that most of us are running the master discordant program of "Separation" (Chart 6a) when it comes to how we view ourselves within the context of the instructions we receive. Our egos like to paint a picture that we are all somehow exceptional from the rest of humanity; that certain rules or social customs do not apply to us. Teenagers are especially prone to this line of thinking as they are old enough to make adult decisions, but lack the emotional maturity to understand that each decision they make often comes with long-term consequences.

SPIRIT also informs us that "Major Beliefs" (Chart 10a) is also a significant factor that prevents us from listening to our higher guidance. Something that I find fascinating about major beliefs is how strongly we tend to hold onto them, even when it is abundantly clear that doing so is harming both ourselves and the other souls in our soul group. These beliefs are generally ego-driven and based on cultural norms and not based on what is best for our spiritual growth. For example, the belief that we must behave in accordance with the norms of our socioeconomic class or caste is a major belief that runs counter to allowing abundance and connection with SPIRIT into our lives. The belief that the choices we make when we are young must remain with us for the rest of our lives is another belief that often prevents us from growing beyond our current paradigm.

Getting over our sense of separation and our major beliefs is not an easy process. This is why I spend most of my first sessions with clients simply clearing out the Miscellaneous Blocks on Chart 10a and the Consciously Made Vows on Chart 24 before we even begin to address whatever the reason why the client came to see me in the first place. At least at that point, we open up the soul's ability to listen to the information SPIRIT is trying to communicate.

After the first session, SPIRIT asks me to provide the client a series of simple mantras and clearing exercises to do before the next session. We do this for two reasons. First, we can measure the client's desire to accept change by whether they have the will to try the exercises. If they come back and they have done their homework, then we can be relatively certain that they have opened their souls to "Something Else" (Chart 21), besides their old ways of thinking about things. Second, if they come back for a second session and they have not done their homework, then we know that we must do more to clear the client's sense of separation and major beliefs before the deeper soul work can be attempted.

During the mop-up portion of the session, it is very important to ask SPIRIT to "Guarantee that Everything is Cleared" (Chart 25), especially when it comes to the client's ability to get past their major beliefs and allow the soul work to happen.

Another interesting subtopic when it comes to clearing our sense of separation from SPIRIT and our major beliefs is the larger discussion of free will when it comes to ascension. SPIRIT informs us that not everyone is capable of clearing their major beliefs, and yet SPIRIT also affirms that all souls are capable of reaching ascension. While is may seem like a contradiction for a person to hold onto beliefs that are harming themselves while also working toward ascension, SPIRIT reminds us that our souls came into the physical plane in order to gather certain experiences before returning to SOURCE.

For example, one of my clients is clearly on a path to ascension, but they have a very difficult time following instructions, even when those instructions are channeled directly from SPIRIT. When they choose to disobey their instructions, it causes suffering for both themselves and their family and I often find myself doing damage control while lecturing my client on the importance of listening to SPIRIT when it gives us clear instructions to follow.

The interesting part of this scenario is that my client generally comes out of these situations with a lot more wisdom from their choice to disobey their orders than they would have if they simply did what they were told. Further, I find that the other souls who were involved in my client's transgressions (including my own) also gain experiences that would not have been possible otherwise.

What makes the above example especially interesting is that when I ask SPIRIT afterwards the percentage of positive energy resulting from the actions of my client, it tells me a 100% positive outcome was the result, and that everything that happened as a result of the action of my client was in the highest good for everyone involved. How can that be? If SPIRIT gives us a clear directive and we disobey that directive, how can that result in something positive?

I believe the answer to that question lies in the purpose of the experiential path of our physical existence. Before we are born, we choose our circumstances, our parents, and all of the major experiences we will encounter in our lives so that we can take that information back to SOURCE. While the work we do with SRT and other soul research can provide us with greater insight into the process, there are some things that are hard-wired into our existence that cannot be changed, no matter how much we want them to be. Every experience, good, bad or otherwise, contributes to our soul records, and it is the wisdom from those experiences that we take back with us to SOURCE.

This is not to say that clearing our sense of separation and major beliefs is not an important process to healing. Quite the contrary. Clearing those items allows our physical minds to begin to comprehend the larger meaning of our lives, while giving us the personal power to rise above our programming and towards ascension. While we may not be able to prevent certain events or change the way we react to them, our souls will have an easier time processing the experience, which will help clear our burdens as we move our way up through the levels of Soul Consciousness towards ascension.

Thank You SPIRIT!

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