Flu Lessons

Over the past few weeks, I have been dealing with this year's flu season. First I got sick, then my son, and finally Nina got sick as well. When you get the flu, life essentially stops. The people who are well enough to get out of bed and tasked with taking care of those who cannot, and those who are too sick to do anything are wishing they were better or dead. Not fun!

In our family, we try our best to maintain a high vibration energy. We are extremely careful about what we eat, we exercise, we meditate, and we live lives in service to others, and yet when the flu came to our home, we succumbed to it anyway.

Why do we get sick? More importantly, why is it that even when we think we are doing everything right to keep our health and happiness at a high level, we still end up just as fragile as everyone else?

SPIRIT reminds us that "Experience is the Process" (Chart 27). In other words, despite our best efforts at clearing and making better life choices, our souls are here on this planet to learn from life's experiences, both good and bad. This is not to say that we should simply give up and go back to the unhealthy habits we had before, because despite the fact that we still get sick, we are still in a better place to inform and educate our souls than we were before we began this journey.

One of the great things about SRT is that when done right, we can eliminate many of the hardships and learning experiences along our life path before they happen. The specific protocol we use to facilitate that is the "Inner Child Progression", where we progress the age of our Inner Child from preconception all the way to its natural death and we clear the major life hardships along the way in the past, present and future. However, SPIRIT reminds us that not all Programs are on the SRT Charts (Chart 21), so there are going to be experiences and hardships that our souls are going to experience no matter what. We simply need to accept that.

SPIRIT also reminds us that illness can also attracted to us because we have an inner desire to stop our hectic lives long enough so we can start to hear our inner guidance. While I was lying in bed with a temperature of 104 degrees, I remember distinctly that my High Self wanted me to be a better listener to what it was saying to me, but in my normal "healthy" state, I was too busy to listen. Since I was too sick to do anything else, I meditated as much as I could and in the process I became hyper-aware of the metabolic processes inside my own body. After coming through the experience, I now have a better understanding of how things work in my own body so I can take that wisdom to keep myself healthy in the future.

Lastly, we need to remember that not all illness is the result of our souls wanting us to learn valuable lessons and/or experiences. Often, illness is the result of the attraction of discordant energies into our lives (Chart 6a). The predominant emotions that bring on illness are Unhappiness, Doubt, and Hate of Self. The way we deal with these negative emotions with SRT is we first research the reasons why these emotions are so strong within our soul records and we then ask High Self to clear them. This cannot be done just once. The process must be repeated over several sessions in order to ensure that the layers of discordant karma are clear and that the programs connected to those emotions do not re-assert themselves.

It is my sincere hope that those of you who are reading this blog did not experience the flu this season, and if you did get sick, I hope you had people who could care for you when you needed it. I also hope that in your illness, you were able to spend some time with your Spirit guides so you could learn whatever wisdom they had to teach you while they had your undivided attention.

Thank you SPIRIT!

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