Fine Tuning To SPIRIT

Why is it that some of us can be strong channels of SPIRIT energy while most of us struggle for even a glimpse of the non-physical world? Is it that some of us are simply “gifted”, or more special than the rest of us or is this something we need to work at?

In the days of analog radio and television, in order for your receiver to play your favorite programs, you needed to tune your device to the exact radio light frequency of the broadcaster’s tower. This is a difficult concept to explain to a younger generation who grew up in an era of instant access to hundreds of thousands of hours of streaming content via cable and internet lines, but if you break out an old fashioned radio, you can still demonstrate the concept to them.

People who are channels to the non-physical world are like radio receivers who are tuned into a specific frequency and are able to receive whatever messages are coming through. However, just like your car radio, we are constantly receiving messages from thousands or even millions of messages all at once, and if you do not calibrate your personal receiver properly, all you may be hearing is the noise of a thousand voices talking at once!

SPIRIT informs us that “the final item of this Universe is the Soul’s fine tuning”. That “SPIRIT says that the groups of statements (messages) that are now being given are the proper method for fine-tuning”, and that the Programs that are blocking us from receiving those messages are often not on the charts. (Chart 32, Group 6, #6, and Chart 21).

All of us are capable of being channels to the non-physical world, and some of us are channeling without even realizing it! Gut instincts, intuition, flashes of wisdom, and sudden waves of compassion are often messages from our friends in the non-physical world who love us and want us to live our very best lives. As our planet and the whole of humanity continues its journey into the new Golden Age, more and more of us will start to hear and trust these inner voices, which I believe will usher in a more loving and compassionate world for all of us. SPIRIT reminds us that “we are all in this together” (Chart 26), and the sooner we realize and embrace that fact, the easier this process will be for everyone.

What prevents us from being successful channels of high vibration messages?

The most successful channels are those who are able to maintain a higher energetic vibration or frequency. High vibration emotions include love, joy and gratitude and low vibration emotions are fear and anger. Maintaining high vibrational emotions on a daily basis can be challenging. Life presents us with both high and low vibrational emotional experiences, and depending on how we broadcast our own energetic vibration depends entirely on how we internalize those experiences.

SPIRIT informs us that the blocks that prevent us from being successful channels are within ourselves. Specifically, these blocks are “Forgiveness” and “Concern” (Chart 6b).

People often think that in order to express forgiveness, that they must let go of the unkind words or deeds of others that were directed at them, and that so show concern, one must give of themselves to those who are in need, even if doing so sacrifices our own safety and security. This is a misconception of these ideas from a religious doctrine that tells us to seek answers from without, when the true answers are from within.

Remember that our souls came to this physical plane in order to follow an experiential path that includes both positive and negative experiences, and this is true of every other person we encounter in our lives. Therefore, all of our experiences are put into place by you and for you in order to help your individual soul to learn and grow.

Ultimately, both forgiveness and concern are selfish acts that have little or nothing to do with the people we encounter in our lives. Can we truly forgive an unrepentant rapist, or is it better and healthier to forgive our own souls for putting ourselves into the path of someone who was so cruel? Can we truly express concern for the sick when we should be focusing on keeping our own bodies healthy?

SPIRIT informs us that when we focus our efforts to forgive on others, we have a tendency to “pick up discordant energy”. It also informs us that since there are always “reasons behind conscious programs”, if we focus our energy on showing concern for others who may be on their own experiential soul path, we end up neglecting our own path.

Therefore, when we forgive, we must acknowledge that our souls chose to follow an experiential path that includes both positive and negative experiences, and that our souls are stronger and wiser for each struggle that we overcome. We can sometimes prevent some of these experiences from ever happening through SRT, but it cannot prevent all of them and that is okay. Further, we must acknowledge that forgiveness can only extend to our own experiences, and that since each person is following their own experiential path, they are responsible for forgiving themselves for what they have done in their lives.

When we show concern, we acknowledge the importance that we do our best to follow a spiritual path, and that means that we must take the time to care for ourselves so that we can pursue that path in relative safety and security. When we encounter others who are suffering, we can give aid if it is our path to do so, but it is not our responsibility to provide that aid if it means that we must fall from our own spiritual path in the process, or put ourselves in harm’s way.

When we embrace forgiveness and concern for ourselves and our own experiential path, then no matter what life throws at us, we will be better equipped to maintain the high vibrational state necessary to be a clear channel for SPIRIT.

May the wisdom and abundance of the Universe always fill your life!

Thank You SPIRIT!

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