Family Karma

Why do we allow the sins of our families to define who we are in the world? What can the path of our families teach us about our current soul path? How do we clear our DNA of karma when we do not even know what that karma is?

Families are complicated. On the one hand, they are the group of souls you agreed to travel with, at least for the first couple decades of your lifetime, and they are the people who most often profess to love you no matter how screwed up you are, even if how they behave is the furthest thing from a sane person's interpretation of the concept of love!

While some families are proud of their heritage, most families try to keep the most shameful aspects of their histories to themselves. This is perfectly understandable considering that only a generation ago, behavior that we in the 21st Century would consider normal would have brought shame and consternation on most families, no matter what their social class happened to be.

How much do we really know about the lives of our own parents before we were born, or our grandparents? How many of us know anything at all, or even the names of our great-grandparents?

While I believe I know my parents fairly well, much of their lives are a mystery to me. I was fortunate enough to know my maternal grandparents, but my father's mother passed away before I was born and my father's father kept many secrets about his life from his own children, which he took with him to the grave. I know almost nothing about my great grandparents save for their names on the family tree and perhaps a single photograph, and one of my great-great-grandparents could not even be positively identified on Ancestry.

Nina's ancestry has even bigger holes in it because her maternal grandparents were first generation immigrants from Germany and Austria, and so many of the family records were destroyed in the second World War.

Census records are fairly accurate going back about 100 years, but a name and a location is just a blip on the radar of a lifetime. Most of us cannot imagine what life was like for people living 50 years ago, let alone a hundred or two hundred years!

Oral histories are often unreliable as many family secrets are buried in the memories of the dead. Incest, homosexuality, breaks from the family faith, and even disagreements over politics often led to disinheritance, shame, and even murder. Tragedies and/or breaks in family tradition become family secrets that are kept from the children, and by the time the next generation comes of age, major life events are erased from a family's collective memory.

SPIRIT informs us that that since we all choose the people who will be our parents, we often take on the inheritance programs of the rest of the family in addition to the people who conceived and gave birth to us. These "Programs the Soul is unaware of" (Chart 11) are integrated into our subconscious and therefore becomes part of the soul package that we need to deal with.

Since our family history is part of who we are, we are left with no choice but to integrate these multiple pathways into our own consciousness (Chart 28). Is it any wonder that the most common negative program that people have to deal with is "Self-Punishment" (Chart 10b)?

As we continue on our Ascension process, it is up to all of us to continue our work on not only clearing the programs within our own soul records, but to also work on clearing the accumulated programs from our ancestors. This is because our family's soul records, their karma, is encoded directly onto their DNA, and since you are a product of that DNA, their unresolved programs become yours.

This is not a terrible thing. In fact, there is a great deal of positive potential in doing the work to clear the accumulated baggage of multiple generations from your DNA. The most obvious positive potential is an increased level of self-esteem (Chart 8b), not only for yourself, but for the generations of your family yet to come! Think of the positive potential your children and their children can bring to the world if they are no longer burdened by the sins and secrets of your family's past!

Something else we need to keep in mind is that time is not linear, but exists in a single moment of cosmic existence. Therefore, all of the karma we have built up from our past lives, future lives and present lives exists in a single moment. As this is part of the cosmic tapestry, so are our family's past, present and future. Therefore, when we research and clear our own soul records, we are also clearing the soul records of every lifetime. We can do the same for the DNA in our cells by researching and clearing the sins of our own family's past.

In other words, "we are all in this together" (Chart 26), and therefore, as we move on into the ascension process, we must relieve ourselves of all our burdens, even those burdens from our family's past that we may not even know about!

Thank you SPIRIT!

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