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Why is it so hard to be a deliberate creator? What is it that keeps getting in our way of the good things we want in our lives? How do we know that we are on the right path of our highest destiny when we keep encountering resistance from life, no matter what path we are on?

In order to become deliberate creators of what we want to attract to ourselves, we often have to shed our old beliefs about what is or is not possible based on either our own experiences from the past or our personal beliefs. This is one of the most difficult things to do because we have built our own belief systems over a lifetime and so we think we have an understanding about how things work.

For example, if we have a belief that whenever something good happens, then something bad should follow, then whenever you start to attract good things into your life, then it must follow that something bad is going to happen in order to balance the scorecard. Since the Law of Attraction does not care about what you are attracting, every time something good happens in your life, like clockwork, something bad will always happen because that is what you are attracting to yourself.

SPIRIT refers to this as a “Dysfunction of the I AM Level Consciousness” (Chart 15). More specifically, it is a dysfunction where our creation responds to our negative commands by giving us a result that is consistent with our beliefs, even when those beliefs are contrary to our highest good. (Soul Beliefs, Chart 27).

In the days before automobiles, people had to get around using carts and carriages pulled by horses. In order to keep the horses from becoming distracted by anything on the side of the road, each horse wore blinders, which limited them from seeing anything that was not directly in front of them. When we go through life with the belief that there is only one way to do something, we are just like a horse with blinders. By removing those blinders, not only will we be able to find creative solutions to life’s everyday problems, but by being aware of the rest of the world around us, we will see that we are free to create any reality we want to.

As you start to remove the blinders and move forward with attracting the things for your highest good, you are going to encounter some resistance along the way. Some of those resistances will be some of those residual beliefs that limit your creation, and others will be your High Self working to push you in a direction that is more aligned with your highest destiny. If what you are encountering is just your old limiting beliefs, you can simply clear them and move on. If the resistance is the work of your High Self, you need to pay attention to the subtle clues they are giving you to point you in a more abundant direction.

For example, when Nina and I decided to build our healing practice into something that would bring us financial and personal abundance, we started to encounter resistance. Despite our best efforts to spread the word about who we are to our local community, our client growth continued to be slower than we needed it to be in order to be sustainable. SPIRIT kept telling us that we were on the right path, but we started to doubt that we were going about it in the most efficient way we could.

As we encountered this resistance, we could have interpreted it one of two ways, the way of our prior beliefs, or the way of SPIRIT trying to expand our horizons about what was possible. If we looked at it the old “blinder” way of looking at things, we could have interpreted the resistance as the Universe telling us that we needed to abandon the practice and go back and get jobs in the corporate world. Instead, we looked for a possible pivot point where we could build the practice sustainably while remaining on our path as healers.

What the Universe presented to us was an opportunity for Nina to work for an established Acupuncture practice that supported her specific healing style in a location that was more conducive to growing my Spiritual Counseling practice. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that in June of this year, VITAL Bioenergetics will be relocating to the Portsmouth, New Hampshire region at a location that will be announced once SPIRIT has told us where it is! While we are sad to say goodbye to our Vermont friends and clients, SPIRIT has guided us to the new location where we will be able to do the greatest good for a greater number of people.

In our case, the resistance we encountered was SPIRIT’s way of getting us to stop pushing in one direction, but to push in a direction where the resistance was not as strong. As much as we love Rutland and Vermont in general, it is clear to us now that continuing to push at this location was going to be difficult and likely unsustainable in the long run. Living closer to the coast of New England will give us greater access to a more densely populated area were we can be closer to our future clients who need us. The fact that Nina was an excellent fit for the acupuncture clinic merely confirmed the fact that the move was in our highest good. As we continue the process of our relocation, we will continue to look for resistance points so we can find the easiest way to our new home.

In closing, SPIRIT wants to remind all of us that “Our Horizons are Unlimited” (Chart 22), and that “Miracles” (Chart 29) can and do happen when we abandon our old, limiting belief systems and replace them with the belief that anything is possible when we are aligned with our highest destiny. On your journey, you will encounter resistance along the way. Understand how to use the resistance you encounter to pivot yourself onto a more abundant path without abandoning the path of your highest destiny!

Thank You SPIRIT!

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