Distortions & Attachments in 3D Land

For this week's SRT Business Owner's clearing, we begin with the following accumulation of words and intentions:

Income, Impact, Abundance, Prosperity, Power, Success, Nourishment, Evolve Positive, Destiny, Surrender, Connection, Raise Vibration, Trust, Light and Gratitude.

I then asked SPIRIT to provide me with some guidance as to how all of these intentions come together and the following charts are indicated:

18 - Higher Level Blocks

Blocks from God Over Sun

4 - Programs, When & Cast of Characters (aka: Incarnational Influences)

Nothing specific came up here, but SPIRIT indicated that the theme is "Karma"

14 - Creating the Illusion

Other Souls Bonded to the Soul

We are all guilty of holding onto unhealthy attachments to things on the physical dimension. After all, the physical dimension is where our conscious attention is currently focused, and it can be very difficult to let that go. However, I believe the one major lesson that 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that what we believed to be real in the physical world is but a fraction of the totality of consciousness in the Universe, and that the more we try to hold onto our old paradigms of what we believed was real, the more likely that we start to feel disconnected and lost as the new paradigm of the Great Awakening comes upon us.

The Higher Level Block of "Blocks from God Over Sun" (Chart 18) illustrates this point quite well. Robert says, "when we incarnate in a solar system, the God over the sun in that solar system sets up blocks to wisdom and light so that we walk in darkness and ignorance as part of the learning process" (Soul Re-Creation, pg 130). All entities in creation share a common consciousness, both living things like plants, animals and people, but also non-living things like rocks, gasses, and even whole planets that inhabit our physical reality are all a part of this. Our sun and all of the stars in our galaxy belong to this collective consciousness as well. In fact, there are many who believe that the entities of stars are highly advanced beings who assist the Creator entity in creating the sandbox which we see as physical reality. When we come into physical existence, our collective memories are stripped down to a micro-fraction of the "true" perception of reality so that we may understand what it is to walk in darkness and seek the light, when in reality, the light was there all along!

The mechanism for this journey from extreme ignorance to enlightenment is Karma. Specifically, the idea that what we do in each of our lifetimes in the physical incarnation either strengthens or weakens our quest to seek the light of SOURCE energy. This then creates a distortion of what it means to be connected to SOURCE to where we commit error after error, lifetime after lifetime until we get to a point where it becomes difficult to see the light, or worse, we work really hard at what we believe is moving towards the light, when we are actually moving in the opposite direction!

This difficult journey is further confounded by our attachments to the other souls within our soul families and their attachments to us, or as how Chart 14 calls it, "Other Souls Bonded to the Soul". Now we have an even more difficult task in finding the light because our actions and/or inaction can be either helped or hindered by those other souls who are bonded to us and vice versa. Further, we have no idea whether we are even traveling in the right direction due to the extreme narrowness of our perception of reality, so it is entirely possible we could be leading others down an incorrect path for them!

Before COVID-19, it was very easy for us to get caught up in the physical world. We had places to go, people to see and trips to take. After COVID impacted the world, we had to seek new ways to connect with the world. For some, this was a time of grieving where we remained stuck in our old paradigms. For many of us, this was an opportunity to go within and to see the world around us for what it actually is. An illusion filled with little plays, and little dramas, and the more we see the dissonance of what is "real" verses what is "really real", we find ourselves looking more and more within ourselves and within universal consciousness for answers than at any other time in human history.

How this has manifested in my clients is an extreme need to let go of the needs of the past. This has included jobs that were not right for them, relationships that no longer work, and most importantly, the looping dramas and timelines that only lead us over the same path over and over again without getting us any closer to our highest and most creative destinies.

As SRT Practitioners and Light Workers/Warriors, it is important for us to let go of the things or ideas that leave us perpetuating our attachments to what was before, and embrace a new path that will lead us in a more creative direction. This will require further research and clearing of your karmic patterns through SRT, but as you do the work, you need to be clear of your expectations of what the words "success", "surrender", "trust", "light", etc. mean to you within the context of your physical incarnation. This may involve a complete re-invention of who you are, and you need to be okay with that, too.

The time of the next Great Awakening is upon us! Are you ready to let go of everything you thought you knew in order to see and commit to your highest creative self?

Thank you SPIRIT!

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