Dealing with Bullies

Why do we allow ourselves to be pushed, manipulated, or made to feel shame from others? What is it that these antagonists in our lives are trying to teach us about ourselves?

Throughout my entire life, I have had to deal with bullies. Whether I felt these people, both male and female, were physically, mentally or emotionally manipulative, the common theme throughout my experience in this lifetime has been a sense of unworthiness within myself that I allow this to happen.

A sad truth is that in most circumstances, someone who belittles or tries to exert power over another is often feeling powerless themselves. Therefore, what often happens is that the victim of bullying becomes the bully themselves. Once you realize that you are pushing and manipulating others out of your own sense of unworthiness, the guilt and shame you feel can often feel worse than if you were the victim.

Victimization is nothing new when it comes to how human beings behave towards one another. SPIRIT informs us that this sort of behavior has been going on since the beginning of physical existence and it is simply part of the experiential lessons we need to learn as we move through each lifetime (Chart 25). The capacity to be both the bully and the victim is encoded into our subconscious minds and are part of our Etheric Body (Chart 29).

When a person attempts to bully another, an energetic exchange takes place, usually at the Chakra governing the solar plexus. The instigator is generally seeking to increase their own energy by taking the energy of another. The target of the attack is generally a person who already feels they are in a subordinate position relative to the instigator, and therefore feels powerless to resist the attack. The instigator uses subtle or overt social cues to break down the target even further than they are already, while the victim, wishing the abuse to stop, works to appease the instigator in the hope that they will go away. When the exchange of energy is complete, the instigator walks away feeling stronger, while the victim usually feels weaker.

What most of us fail to realize is that energetic exchanges in this manner are not only an inefficient means to exchanging energy, it is counter-productive to our own path to ascension. The truth is that there is more than enough energy in the Universe for everyone to feel fully energized at all times, and yet we hold onto the illusion of the zero-sum-game where we believe that in order for one person to be successful, another person must fail.

What is even more amazing to me is that this sort of behavior continues to persist even among people who profess to understand the Universal truths of the cosmos!

SPIRIT informs me that this sort of uneven energetic exchange even among people who actively work to tap into the love and light of the Universe, is due to "reservations to expanding consciousness once Universal God consciousness is attained" (Chart 22). In other words, while we exist in our physical form, we will continue to have a tendency to seek the energetic exchange in others, even after we fully understand that such exchanges are harmful to both the instigator and the victim!

So what do you need to do for yourself if you discover that you are either the instigator or the victim of an uneven energetic exchange? The first step is to examine the dynamics of the relationship between the parties two parties involved. Generally, the person possessing the greater amount of power in the relationship is the instigator, but do not be fooled by titles, gender, or social norms to make this determination. When in doubt, take stock of your emotions after any sort of exchange between the two parties. If you walk away feeling more energized (either positively or negatively), then chances are you are the instigator, and if you walk away feeling drained, even if you feel like you "won" the argument, then chances are you are the victim.

The second step is to do an "Alpha to Omega search, clear and harmonization" (Chart 21). In terms of SRT, what this involves is a detailed soul record search and clearing regarding the relationship with the other party in the energetic exchange. If you are allowing your energy to be drained or you are seeking to drain the energy of another, then chances are that you and that other person have a past life relationship that needs to be researched and cleared. Once clear, then the energy between you and the other person needs to be harmonized.

Once this process is complete, the instigator/victim energetic exchanges should either reduce or go away completely.

So what happens when one person does the work to clear and harmonize the energy, but the other person does not and the uneven energetic exchanges persist? If the behavior persists, then it is likely that the karmic relationship between the two parties goes far deeper. It is possible that the two souls involved may be twin flames or flame mates, and so the search, clear and harmonization needs to go much deeper into the soul records. It is also possible that the instigator is living out a soul plan that involves victimizing others, and they have too much resistance within their subconscious to change that plan.

If the behavior persists even after the work is done, then that may be your sign that the Universe wants you to be somewhere else. If your instigator is your boss at your job, then the Universe may be telling you that it is time you found a new job or career. If your instigator is your partner or spouse, the Universe may be telling you that a more loving relationship awaits you elsewhere.

The bottom line is that we should never feel as though our energy is being taken away through the social exchanges of another person, nor should we seek the energy of others through any means other than through unconditional love, empowerment and acceptance. When uneven exchanges take place, we should investigate and clear them, and if all else fails, we need to be able to walk away.

Thank you SPIRIT!

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