Clearing Soul Contracts

What is the difference between a Soul Program and a Soul Contract? When we encounter a soul contract, how important is it that we understand it before we clear it? Is it necessary to clear the entire contract at once, or can we clear one part at a time and allow High Self to do the rest?

In my Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Practice, whenever I encounter a client with a recurrent dysfunctional pattern in their lives, the first thing I ask SPIRIT is whether the pattern is part of a Soul Program or a Soul Contract. This is a very important question because how I approach a Soul Program in SRT is going to be different than if I encounter a Soul Contract.

According to Robert Detzler, the principle founder of SRT, a Soul Program is one or more of twelve conditions that are placed in your soul (akashic) records for the purpose of providing your lifetime with dramas and experiences that will eventually inform the non-physical part of your soul what it is like to be alive and in a physical body. These soul programs include:

Inheritance: A belief you picked up from another life or from your DNA

Identification: A belief that we picked up from a close family member

Imprint: A belief that we picked up during a period of emotional stress

Experience/Trauma: A belief that we picked up due to a single or repeated traumatic experience

Benefit: The belief good or bad things happen in our lives due to the actions or beliefs of others

Conflict: The belief that the good and/or bad things in our lives are derived from struggle

Self-Punishment: The belief that we are somehow unworthy of whatever we want to attract in our lives and so we must be punished rather than rewarded

Organ Language: This is a form of Self-Punishment program where we either compare our bodies to others or where a specific disorder in a particular organ, such as in Chinese Medicine, is the result of a persistent negative belief. For example, disharmony in the liver is often associated with anger.

Past Lives, Past Lives - Other Dimensions, and Future Lives: This is a belief that a particular block in our lives is the result of experiences or events that happened in other lifetimes and not this one. This can be one of two things. Either this is true and the program or trauma indeed happened in another lifetime, or the emotional memory of the event is so strong that our minds seek to distance our present self from the event as to place it somewhat out of reach. Fortunately, since SRT treats all time and lifetimes as one lifetime, any such distancing is merely an illusion that High Self can clear.

Discarnates: This is the belief that a particular belief does not even belong to us, but actually belongs to another soul who has attached itself to us. Again, this can be an effort of the subconscious mind to provide emotional distance from the actual program, or it could actually be one of several different types of entities attaching themselves to us for many different reasons.

Fear: This is the belief that a block is due to something we are afraid of, either real or imagined.

The protocol for clearing soul programs is fairly straight forward, and anyone who has taken the Basic SRT class should be able to use the charts to research and clear them.

Before discussing what makes a Soul Contract different from a Soul Program, it is important to discuss the differences between a promise you make to someone and the formation of a written and signed contract. When we make a promise to someone either personally or in business, the promise we make is a simple form of a contract where you simply agree to do something for another person and in turn they agree to do something for you. A contract, on the other hand, is a much more complex document where not only are the promises by both parties described in precise detail, so are the consequences of failing to uphold those promises. Most business contracts also contain a "Termination Clause" where it describes how and under what circumstances can the contract between both parties end the contract. Most Termination Clauses are simple, but in some contracts the Termination Clauses are so complex that it becomes extremely difficult for either party to simply end the agreement whenever they want to.

When we take our understanding of a Contract and apply it to our Souls, we can see why Soul Contracts can be a lot more tricky to clear than a simple Soul Program. Is it any wonder why modern mythology depicts the Devil as being a fan of Contracts?

Fortunately for us, we can clear any Soul Contract with the help of High Self. The trick is to first determine the nature of the various clauses of the contract, then to understand why the contract was entered into in the first place, and finally to throw the whole thing into the fire.

The protocol I follow to research a Soul Contract is as follows:

Step 1: Determine the number of "clauses". Using a number chart, I ask SPIRIT to provide me with the number of "Layers" or "clauses" to the contract. If the number is higher than nine, I ask High Self if we can reduce that number down to a more manageable number. If I get a "yes" response, I ask for the lower number. If the answer is "no", then I let the client know that I will work on doing the research for this contract outside of our session time because big contracts can take a long time to research!

Step 2: Research each layer. My method of conducting soul research involves using one or more charts to look for the "story" that the soul is trying to tell. Since each layer or clause of a contract contains specific instructions, each layer will have one or more charts associated with it. While doing this step, try not to interpret the contract as a whole by only looking at a specific clause. Trust that understanding of the whole only comes when we have read the contract in its entirety.

Step 3: Interpret the Contract. Depending on the number of layers and the number of charts in each layer, this will either be an easy or a challenging task. Multi-layered soul contracts usually have been building up over many different lifetimes, so some clauses will be specific those lifetimes, while most of the other clauses will be specific to this lifetime. Be patient as you look at the contract as a whole and allow SPIRIT to reveal the story behind the contract to you. Discuss your findings with your client and see if they have additional insights they can give you to help with your interpretation.

Step 4: Burn the Contract. Once you have interpreted the contract, now it is time to terminate it. We do this by asking High Self to throw it into the holy fires and to obliterate it completely. Verify 100% destruction after the clearing is complete.

Step 5: Re-verify the Contract's destruction. In your follow-up session with your client, check with High Self to make sure that the contract is 100% destroyed. We do this verification because our subconscious minds are somewhat addicted to drama and/or we become fearful of what our lives will be like without whatever it was that was blocking us. If we find that our subconscious attempted to rescue that contract from the fire, simply ask High Self to put it back into the holy fire and again, verify 100% destruction once the clearing is complete.

After a Soul Contract has been destroyed, do not be surprised if you or your client starts to grieve for it, even if it is just a little bit. This is normal. After all, as confining as a Soul Contract can be, it can provide a sense of boundaries about what is and is not possible in one's life. Being without a contract, even one that was clearly outside of our highest destiny, can leave many of us feeling somewhat adrift in life or without a clear direction.

The good news is that this feeling will eventually pass as our souls start to embrace the meaning of what it feels like to be truly FREE of our self-imposed limitations. The truth is that FREEDOM is the natural state of our soul's existence, and in order to be free, we must let go of everything that is keeping us away from it. After all, life is all about exploration and new experiences, and that is quite impossible if we decide to keep ourselves within the boundaries of a piece of paper!

Thank you SPIRIT!

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