Clearing for Others

Why do we encounter resistance when we attempt to clear karma and programs for other people? How clear do we need to be within ourselves to effectively clear and heal the people we love?

One of the advantages of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is that is can be done over any distance and at any time. In other words, an SRT practitioner can just as effectively perform a clearing for a client in Hong Kong as though the client were sitting right next to them.

A common theme among clients is a need to use this healing modality to help other people in their lives. Sometimes they will ask me to do research and clearing on their partner or lover, children or grandchildren in the hopes that they will experience the same benefit from the clearing that they did. When I ask them why they do not simply send their loved one to me for a personal clearing, they tell me that they do not think their loved one would be comfortable attending a spiritual counseling session and/or the clearing is motivated by their own reasons for wanting to help their loved one. In most cases, the loved one in question is unaware that they even have a problem that needs “fixing”, and even if they did, they would not think to come to a Spiritual Counselor to work on themselves.

If you feel the need to clear or ask someone else to do a clearing for a loved one, you need to first ask yourself why you want to do this, and then you need to consult with High Self to check your level of ego.

A recent client asked me to do a clearing on her son because she felt that her son was engaging in self-destructive behavior, and she was afraid that if he did not get his soul record cleared, he would likely suffer. As parents, our instinct is to help our children whenever we believe they are in trouble. When they are small and they accidentally cut themselves, we wipe away their tears, put on a bandage and kiss them and tell them that everything is okay. When our children are grown, their lives become a lot more complicated and so do the solutions to their problems. Despite the fact that our children may be adults, the parental instinct to protect them and keep them safe does not go away.

However, SPIRIT reminds us that the desire to get involved in our children's lives after they are adults is a “Dysfunction of Spirit by Error Consciousness” (Chart 12). In other words, when we try to fix whatever we perceive to be wrong in our children's lives, we are doing so from our own perspective and not from the perspective of the child in question. Therefore, despite our best intentions, any effort we make to clear the karma or programs from our children without their soul's permission is likely to backfire on us and create karma where none may have existed before.

We must always remind ourselves that our soul's path belongs to us and to nobody else. We also must remember that souls learn and grow through struggle, and to deny another person of their struggle is to deny them of the learning their soul needed in this lifetime. If your son or daughter needs to suffer in order to learn what they need to learn, you need to provide them the opportunity to do just that.

This does not mean that if your child comes to you seeking help, that you should turn your back on them! However, if your child simply tells you what is going on in their lives and does not ask you for help, you should do your best to simply listen and allow them to figure things out for themselves.

SPIRIT reminds us that we should remind ourselves that we need to constantly increase our “Awareness that Love is the Only Energy” (Chart 22). Love sometimes means that we reach out to provide assistance, but most of the time it means that we simply hold space for others within our hearts while we continue to work through our own lessons and programs.

If you have an adult child or a friend that you believe needs help, you can always refer them to a Spiritual Counselor or another type of professional if you believe that it would be beneficial. After all, they may have set up a soul program where you provided the referral at that point in their lives and they will now get the tools they need. More often than not, your referral will be ignored or rejected. When that happens, try not to take it personally. All it means is that their soul needs to experience whatever they are experiencing a little longer while at the same time, you have planted a seed in their minds that there are people they can turn to who can help them.

If you are finding yourself worrying needlessly about your rejected advice or you are finding yourself struggling to keep yourself from meddling, then it is likely that you are currently running a discordant program and you are the one who needs further research and clearing.

Lastly, something you can always do to provide help and assistance is to remember to keep yourself operating on the highest vibration possible. Everyone in our lives, including our children, are mirrors to our own emotional and spiritual well-being. By engaging in “Clearing Statements” (Chart 19) and by working on our own negative patterns and programs, we are influencing the vibrational space within our own existence, and that increased vibration will have an exponential effect on the other souls within our lives!

Thank You SPIRIT!

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