Clearing Blocks to Your AR

For this week's SRT Business Owners clearing, the following charts were indicated:

24 - Consciously Made Vows


6b - Blocks to Positive Expression


16 - Fall of Consciousness

Shift to Unreality

20 - Refining Consciousness

Programs Not on Charts at All Levels

17 - Fine Tuning

Blocks to the Creative Force

Wouldn't it be great if all our clients paid their bills the moment we they received our bill, but the reality is, that some clients, for one reason or another, will put off paying for our services. There are many reasons why this happens. We may have a client who only gets paid once every month, and so they prefer to run a tab and pay all of their bills when they get paid. Perhaps your client is very busy (or lazy). Or perhaps you have a client who has it in their head that they will only pay for the previous session just before their next session begins. Whatever the reason why your client does not pay their bill right away, whenever this happens, it can cause you undue stress and it can even compromise your relationship with your client. Even worse, managing Accounts Receivable (AR) can be a time-consuming distraction from the work you would rather be doing.

So before we get into strategies on how you can reduce your Accounts Receivable, we must first consult SPIRIT as to the reasons why we find ourselves in this mess in the first place.

We like to assume that all of our clients are good people and that they are all diligent about paying their bills on time, but the reality of the matter is that nobody is perfect. However, when we assume that things will run perfectly at all times, we are victims of the "Purity" vow on Chart 24.

So we have sent out our bill and our client has yet to pay it. We want to ask them to please pay it before you schedule another session, but you are at a loss about exactly how to do that because you and your client are making progress in your sessions and you do not want them to feel bad before you begin your next session. Now we are running into the Block to Positive expression of "Tact".

We say to ourselves, "it's okay that they don't pay me right away, because I know they want to and I'm sure that everything is going to be just fine!". Now we are moving into a "Shift to Unreality" program, because the reality of the situation is that there is an imbalance in the exchange of energy between you and your client that needs to be fixed.

This imbalance causes more blocks to the work you are doing with the client, because in addition to the programs you are working on clearing for them in the session, you now have to contend with "Programs Not on Charts at All Levels", which have nothing to do with whatever you are working on with the client, and everything to do with whether you can continue working with this client in the future.

Now you are stuck, and unable to help your client, as you now have "Blocks to the Creative Force" that makes further clearings with your client nearly impossible.

So what do we do?

First of all, we need to clear these programs from our own soul records. By clearing these programs, we recognize that not everyone has the ability to pay our fee the exact same way, we can find in ourselves the most tactful way to approach each client, and most importantly, we set up for ourselves a policy that will allow us to continue doing the work for our clients without allowing energetic imbalances regarding money to get in the way.

So SPIRIT, please clear theses blocks in our Soul Records.

Setting Up a Fair AR Policy

What I do is that every client receives an invoice from my PayPal account. That allows me to easily track who has paid me and who still owes me money. Some practitioners prefer to ask clients to prepay for sessions, but that is something I prefer not to do because I understand that not everyone can do this. This also gives the client the opportunity to discuss their individual financial situation with me, so that we can work out a payment plan ahead of time. This also gives me the flexibility for those instances where a session runs over that I may bill them for the extra time without the need to produce extra invoices.

(Pro-Tip: When a session is about to run over, and assuming you do not have another client waiting, ask your client whether they want to run over the scheduled session time, and that their invoice will be adjusted accordingly. DO NOT simply add it to the bill if they did not verbally agree to pay the extra overtime fee!)

If a client does not pay their invoice(s) in accordance to our prearranged agreement, PayPal allows me the ability to send a reminder notice along with a personalized note. This is generally followed by a prompt payment and an apology, but if the client fails to pay their bill, I then follow up with a personalized email to the client stating that I will need to cancel our next session if they do not either settle their bill or discuss with me what is going on with them. Then you MUST follow through and cancel the next appointment if they fail to address their outstanding bill.

Hopefully, the need to end a client relationship over money will never be something you will need to deal with, but the reality is that there will be some clients who will try to take advantage of you. Try to avoid the temptation to offer free sessions or a "sliding scale" to clients just because they claim they cannot pay their bill. My wife used to provide a sliding scale to clients at her acupuncture clinic. One of her clients who claimed to be really struggling with his bills was only paying $25 a session rather than the normal $90 fee, which was fine until my wife noticed her client driving up to her clinic in a brand new sports car! Also keep in mind that sliding scales and free sessions may be good deals for your clients, but it is a lousy deal for you, because this is your business, and you should not have to sacrifice your ability to pay your own bills just because your clients refuse to pay theirs!

Thank you SPIRIT!

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