Capitalize on Your Uniqueness

For this week's SRT Business Owners clearing, the following charts were indicated:

15 - I AM Level Consciousness Programs

Light Realm Discordant Energy

1 - Contact or Help

Holy Spirit

26 - Freedom is Free

We Share in the Love of ONE

19 - How to Change Your Life

Acting as If

23 - Spiritual Realms Programs

Programs Coming Up

All of us have at one time or another compared ourselves to others in order to measure the level of our own success (or lack thereof!). That practitioner is also a family therapist, so perhaps I should also be a family therapist. That practitioner also uses Reiki, so I should probably use Reiki in my practice. That practitioner is also a certified life coach, so maybe I will be more successful if I were a certified life coach, and the list goes on and on!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with learning something new in order to grow your practice, but where the practice of comparing ourselves to others gets dangerous is when our comparing ourselves to others leaves us feeling as though we are not doing enough, or worse, that we are not "good enough" to be successful.

SPIRIT reminds us that each soul was created with deliberate "Light Realm Discordant Energy" (Chart 15). What this means is that as we were made into individual soul entities at the point where we broke off from SOURCE, the SOURCE Entity placed a distinct discordant energy or flaw, into our energetic selves. This discordant energy has the effect of making us unique and distinct from all of the other souls in creation, including that of SOURCE. The purpose of this was to endow us with a unique soul journey that is different from everyone else's, and this is a good thing. In all of the hundreds or thousands of lifetimes we have had as incarnate beings, the accumulated wisdom and experiences that you have had is unique to you and only you. The trick, of course, is discovering how you can capitalize on your own uniqueness to make you attractive to those souls who need your help at this point in our human experience!

So how to we figure out exactly what makes us unique? While there are many tools you can use to assess your specific skill set, SPIRIT reminds us that seeking help from Holy Spirit (Chart 1) is generally what we need. I like to refer to Holy Spirit as "Universal Wisdom", as these beings are are the bringers of wisdom for the purpose of individual enlightenment, self-realization, and remembrance. They are there to guide souls to the truth of existence, and they are also the destroyers of the illusion of who we think we should be, because any such thoughts belong to the realm of the ego, and since the ego is the creator of the illusion, we should not give it too much power over our own self-identity.

So how do we know when we have been able to figure out our own uniqueness? SPIRIT tells us that we find it when we can feel that "we share in the Love of ONE" (Chart 26). In other words, it has nothing to do with what appears on your menu of services or your resume, but that feeling of connection that you feel that you are presenting to the world the most authentic version of yourself. If there is a part of you that is not quite convinced that you are doing that, SPIRIT advises to try "Acting as If" (Chart 19) you are doing just that, and carefully observe the results. If it is right, your new clients will start to find you. If something still feels out of place or not quite right, then try bringing out something else in your experience or personality and see where that takes you. Once you hit the right combination of skills, life experiences, and services, it will just feel right as your connection to Universal Love will be strongest in that moment.

On a final note, we must also understand that who we are is never a complete product. SPIRIT reminds us that there are always "Programs Coming Up" (Chart 23) that will provide us with greater spiritual growth and experiences, and that your practice will change and evolve with those changes. As long as there is breath in our lungs, our work is not complete. There are always new things to learn, new experiences to have, and more growth we need to obtain in order for us to be the best souls we can possibly be. Never forget that our clients are here to teach us, as much as we are here to teach them, and the wisest practitioner is the one who uses each client encounter as an opportunity to grow within themselves!

Thank you SPIRIT!

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