Blood Moon Blues

Why are some of us affected by major astrological events and some of us are not? The cycles and the movement of the moon due to its gravitational pull affect us all, but most of the mainstream scientific community flatly rejects the notion that the planets, stars, and other astrological phenomena have any impact on our state of mind. Yet, astrologers have been using these tools to plant crops, breed animals, build monuments and make major political decisions for thousands of years. So if astrology is simply superstitious nonsense from a bygone era, why are we still so affected by it?

The week of January 20 to about January 24, 2019 was particularly hard on many people who have strong energetic sensitivities. Starting late Sunday night, January 20, and moving into the early morning hours of January 21, the people on Earth were able to witness a “Super Blood Moon Total Eclipse”. The reason why we call it a “Blood Moon” is due to its reddish hue when the daylight on the moon is completely obscured by the Earth’s shadow and all is left is the light on the infrared spectrum.

During the event, there was apparently a meteor crash on the moon’s surface, which made this event particularly spectacular. Here in Vermont extreme cold and a snow storm kept most of us indoors, so although nobody I know was brave enough to venture out to witness the event, many of us still felt its effects.

According to Astrologers, this particular Blood Moon Eclipse was all about pushing us out of our comfort zones so that we can venture into new areas of our lives. This, of course, meant that old habits, old connections, and old patterns are replaced with new ones that are more in line with our higher destinies. On the surface, this all sounds like a good thing. However, those of us who have ever had a spiritual breakthrough where we questioned everything in our lives to make room for something different, we understand this process can be extremely painful.

One of my clients had a particularly difficult time following this astrological event. Already a highly sensitive person, my client experienced mood swings, nightmares, and a general inability to perform daily activities from Monday through Wednesday. Sleep was nearly impossible, which made their confusion and panic even more profound. As the week went on, the intensity of their emotions gradually calmed down to the point where they could think straight again, and once they were on the other side, they had a clarity of life purpose that was not there before.

Although experienced with various degrees of intensity, most energetically sensitive people I know had similar experiences throughout the week as well. On the Law of Attraction Changed My Life Facebook Group, there was an unusually high number of posts from members who were dealing with strong negative energies early in the week, but by the time the weekend came around, the posts became overwhelmingly positive once again.

SPIRIT informs us that “Astrological Beliefs” (Chart 10a) are not to be taken too seriously because such beliefs often lead to an “Abdication of Physical Responsibility” (Chart 17). In other words, when we choose to allow our lives to be guided by the position of the stars and the planets, we close off our awareness of the programs and lessons of our lives here in the physical plane. However, SPIRIT also informs us that there are “Programs not on the Charts at all Levels” (Chart 20), which opens the door for programs and beliefs that do not exist on the SRT charts.

We must admit that the Universe is a very complex place that does not always follow a single set of rules or conditions. Nor must we expect that just because one event was the catalyst for a large-scale shift in our collective consciousness, that similar events in the future will have the same effect. The Universe is often governed by the collective will of the beings who exist within it, and so when energetic flash points occur in combination with the collective will of millions of beings, truly magical things usually happen. Therefore, although Astrology can predict certain energetic flash points, our collective awakening provides the positive changes in our lives.

My client did not have any belief nor any particular awareness of the Blood Moon event, and I am sure that many people on the LOA Group were not aware of this event either, and yet they were affected by it nonetheless. For my client and many others, they were able to reach the other side of this phenomenon with a radically new viewpoint and life purpose. For others, this energetic shift came at a time when their will power was not strong enough to push them through, and they came out the other side feeling more lost and confused than ever.

Whether you believe that this astrological event was partly responsible for these energetic breakthroughs in people or if you believe that it was due to Morphic Fields or just plain coincidence, what is clear is that more and more of us are increasing our spiritual and energetic awareness. This is a good thing. SPIRIT wants us to be increasingly sensitive to no matter how our squishy brains want to rationalize it.

My advice is this. Do not wait for astrological events to push you into making better choices in your life. SPIRIT tells us that we have the power within us to make those changes simply through our connection with High Self. Because I was able to make my energetic shift in the past, I was able to be there for my clients as they experienced the pain of their own renewal process. So go make your life better now, and then you can be there for others when they need you.

Thank You SPIRIT!

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