Why is My Manifestation Blocked?

Over the last few months, I have been spending a lot of time on the “Law of Attraction Changed My Life” Facebook Group. It is a group with hundreds of members, and where “LOAToday” broadcasts its daily podcast. It is a supportive community in that whenever a member posts that they are having a problem understanding how the Law of Attraction (LOA) works or if they are having difficulty getting it to work for them, the membership is always there to provide helpful advice, book recommendations or referrals to professional services.

After reading dozens of posts from new and veteran members alike, I saw a pattern emerge in the types of questions asked. These include:

How do I manifest lots of money right now?

How do I attract my soul mate?

How do I get my ex to love me again?

How do I get this LOA thing to work for me?

Granted, many of these questions are coming from new members who have not read any of the messages from Abraham so they are generally clueless as to exactly what LOA is or how it works. However, I have noticed that these same questions also come from older members who we presume are more knowledgeable on the subject.

SPIRIT tells us that people who cannot get LOA to work for them are suffering from an “Inharmony at the ONE Level” (Chart 20). What this means is that “Inharmony” for these individuals “was set up during the blueprinting of all that would become the created heavens and earth” (Soul Re-Creation, page 130).

We all know that we are the co-creators of the cosmos. We not only helped to create the rocks, the trees, and the animals of the Earth, but we also helped to create the planets, the stars, and the galaxies of the Universe. For most of us, when we helped to create the cosmos, we deliberately incorporated disharmony into the design in order to create conflict and circumstances that would provide our souls with experiences that could not be expressed in the non-physical world. In order to experience the disharmony to its fullest, our souls deliberately hid this design flaw from our consciousness (Chart 25, “Things that are Hidden, Buried or Covered up”). This is why we have spent the majority of our past lives on the physical plane suffering to one degree or another; what SPIRIT refers to as “Disincarnates in Past Lives” (Chart 5).

As we emerge into the New Age of soul consciousness, we no longer have to live this way. As our soul awareness begins to expand, we have the ability to “Break (the) Tradition” (Chart 24) of accepting our deliberate design flaws in the Universe as unchangeable. We are awakening, and we are remembering that “we have only forgotten SOURCE” (Chart 27), and we are capable of re-establishing our connection in this and all of our other lifetimes.

So how is this done? How do we open our consciousness to the original blueprints of the Universe so we can replace “Inharmony” with “harmony”?

For practitioners of SRT, it can be as simple as asking High Self to simply fix the Inharmony at the ONE level and replace it with a harmonious energetic pattern. If you are able to elevate your soul committees to the highest level on Chart 3, and you can imagine your soul’s connection to SOURCE, clearing the old pattern and replacing it with a new one is as simple as wishing it to be so.

Where we run into problems with clearing our own Universal design flaws is that our souls still have a desire to experience disharmony because it still believes that the greatest growth is achieved through struggle. For these individuals, we run into resistance at the clearing phase where the design flaw is reintegrated soon after it has been cleared.

Therefore, in order to clear the design flaw, we must first convince the soul that it is in its best interest to do this. One might think that convincing the soul to choose a harmonious existence with creation would be as simple as convincing a child to stop touching a hot stove, but this is not the case. Remember that your soul has lived in a Universe where disharmony and conflict has been the norm for dozens, if not hundreds of lifetimes. This has created numerous “odds and ends into infinity” (Chart 23) that your soul can point to as reinforcement that the whole of creation is an unfair and cruel place that we must endure before we die.

To convince the soul that there is another way, we must provide it with an experiential path that is contrary to the dominant paradigm of most of its lifetimes in the physical realm. This requires a complete change in how we decide to live our current lives, and a commitment to break away from our old attitudes and habits. We do this through a conscious connection with SOURCE through a deliberate practice of meditation.

In meditation, we can bring our minds to a state where we can almost eliminate the influence of the ego, and build in the soul the “awareness that love is the only energy” (Chart 22). When we make meditation a habit that we practice at least two times each day, both the mind and the soul are able to see that there is a different way than the way of the ego. At this point, we can then ask High Self to change the inharmonious design flaw on our blueprint of the Universe to one that brings us greater peace, prosperity and abundance in our lives.

Walt often says on LOAToday that the Law of Attraction is one of the easiest concepts to understand, but one of the most difficult to implement into our daily lives. Once we are able to convince our souls that the whole of Creation is a wonderfully harmonious place, then everything you will ever want and need will come to you easily.

Thank You SPIRIT!

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