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Welcome to Rutland's only dedicated acupuncture pain clinic! Based on the protocols of Dr. Tan and Dr. Tung, clients will be welcomed into our sunny semi-private room or our private relaxation room for sessions focused solely on pain alleviation and illnesses or conditions where pain is present. We currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and United Healthcare. Needle-less options are available. Please let our office manager, Rose, know if you would prefer a needle-less option for your treatment prior to coming to your appointment.

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Monday and Thursday
1-6 pm
Appointments: (802) 773-0010
$45 per 30 min session
BCBS, Cigna, and United Healthcare accepted.
Veterans and Workers' Comp welcomed!

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What Is Acupuncture?

Take control of your health! We have the option for you to have wellness coaching from the comfort of your own home! Daily self-care while working though illness, surgery, or injury can greatly improve pain limitations, boost immunity, sleep issues, and improve progress in eliminating symptoms of chronic and acute illnesses. Existing patients of our Acupuncture Pain Clinic can continue their treatment plans outside of the clinic, while world-wide patients can receive a comprehensive plan to work with pain syndromes many other issues they may be having, at home!

Tele-health virtual visits are all done through HIPAA compliant video chat, or over the phone. A comprehensive personalized plan will be sent to you after your session that you can follow anywhere you are!

Hair-thin needles are used to retune the body's energetic field back to its original, balanced state. In some cases, only one session is needed to create lasting change, and in other cases, many sessions are needed to allow the body to pick up the new, balanced energetic pattern and use it on its own.

Acupuncture is successful for problems such as pain, headaches, eye issues, cold and flu, respiratory issues, diabetes, digestive problems, infertility, addiction, anxiety, depression, menstrual problems and much more. Kids as young as a few months old can receive acupuncture all the way up through geriatric age. It is a great first-line, go-to for minor issues and alternative when other modalities aren't working, for pain relief without medication, or for general wellness and relaxation. 

Other ways to experience energy work through acupuncture...

Divine Acupuncture  utilizes a pendulum to locate and define a highly precise set of acupuncture points and subtle-field and chakra imbalances. These patterns often naturally create complex sacred geometric shapes on the body, and are highly specific to overt and hidden imbalances of the client.


Treatment of these imbalances can be done in-person or remotely with similar effectiveness. No special arrangements need to be made in order to receive treatment remotely, and treatments can be received fully, at any time of the day or night.


Results are often felt immediately and, with subsequent treatments, resolution of problems associated with imbalances can be felt fully. A typical session is about 40 minutes.

Vibrational Therapies  are highly specialized sessions that either utilize the work of Mikio Sankey for Esoteric Acupuncture or a Light Tool for Subtle Field Healing and Jump Point Activations. Esoteric Acupuncture utilizes sacred geometry in the placement of needles to facilitate vibrational jumps in your energy field. Those who regularly practice meditation are good candidates for these types of energetic upgrades, and can be done for specific goals such as boosting energy through the hands for lightworkers, or helping a client achieve deeper Unity Consciousness.

Subtle Field Healing and Chakra Adjustment is helpful for those who feel they are overly sensitive to other people and world events. These sessions can heal tears within the energy field and create a clear pathway to a focused life, as well as open up latent energetic gifts and aptitudes.

These sessions must be done in-person and are generally 30-40 minutes long. 

What can tele-health visits address?
  • Comprehensive acupressure treatment plan

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Calm anxiety and stress management

  • Meditation instruction and support

  • Immune balance support and wellness

  • Personalized fitness coaching to address pain after surgery or injury

  • Product and service recommendations specific to your needs and wellness goals

Hours are flexible - call, email, or text to make an appointment
(609) 330-6734
Please note that our tele-health services are not covered by insurance.
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Uses the body's reflected cellular light to stimulate acupoints and promote healing and longevity.


Acupressure for the ears - one of the body's microsystems that can offer help for just about any condition.


Acupressure, ear seed, and phototherapy protocols for you to use at home!

Products that are perfect for at-home use!

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