Spring Environmental Allergies


This combination helps drain sinuses, eases coughing associated with post-nasal drip, increases immunity, relieves congestion, helps esophageal tissue heal after viral infection, can help bring down a fever, clear a headache, and relieve nausea associated with allergic reactions to the environment in spring. Points can be massaged on both arms or on one. Massage as often as necessary - daily or every few days - to help alleviate spring allergies.

Lung 3 and 4 (LU 3 and LU 4 on diagram)

Lung 3 is about 3 fingers down from your armpit crease and Lung 4 is about one finger down from that. Both are on the outside of the tendon that runs down the middle of your elbow. To stimulate these points, first find the places near where they are on the diagram that feel bruisy or painful. Those are going to be your LU3 and 4. Massage with fingertips or with a blunt tool, or do a stroking motion from LU 3 to LU4 with the side of a finger or blunt tool. Massage for 30 seconds to a minute.

Lung 11

Lung 11 is located on the radial aspect of the thumb, right at the corner of the nail. Press this point with a fingernail or with a small blunt object for 30 seconds to a minute.

Large Intestine 4 and Large Intestine 5 (LI4 and LI5 on diagram)

Find reactive areas around the dots shown on the diagram using your hand bones as guides. Massage or press with a fingertip or blunt tool for 30 to 60 seconds. Go closer to the bone if you are having trouble finding a reactive spot. Not all points may be reactive on any given day.

Large Intestine 9

Large Intestine 9 is about 3 fingers down from your elbow crease following the line shown in the diagram. Find the reactive area in that vacinity, whether it be above or below the point location shown. Press, massage in a circular motion with fingertips, or use a stroking motion in that area if more than one point is sensitive for 30 to 60 seconds.

Ear Seeds

The video to the right will show you exactly where and how to place ear seeds for seasonal allergies. To order ear seeds directly, and get an ear seed kit specific to allergies, click HERE!


Patches to buy: Y-Age and Energy Enhancer. You can also get IceWave patches if you're having airway constriction.

Use Y-Age patches as per the brochure that comes with your patches. Then use Energy Enhancer on these acupoints: Large Intestine 4, Large Intestine 11, Kidney 27, and Liver 3. For relief of airway constriction, use the tan IceWave patch directly on the throat and white IceWave patch on the sternum. Click HERE to order LifeWave phototherapy patches.

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