Grief, loneliness, scarcity, pain and attachment is how most of us muddle through our lifetimes while true connection, joy and abundance continues to elude us. In his healing practice, Bill will show you how to break through the looping dramas that leave us feeling stuck in this lifetime so that we can begin to see the synchronicities and opportunities to live out the highest expression of our lives!


SRT is a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to quickly find and release discordant, limiting beliefs and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. A normal session involves a short discussion of life's issues, followed by an energetic clearing using a pendulum and a series of charts created by Robert Detzler. While often subtle the day of, great changes in perception and attitude can be experienced within days after a session. Bill has nearly 20 years of experience clearing people, pets and property of negative, limiting energies, creating prosperity, peace, and health in his clients.

SRT is an excellent tool for clearing blocks to better

  • Relationships and Loved Ones

  • Careers

  • Prosperity and Abundance

  • Health

  • Freedom from energetically damaged property, objects and/or unwanted entities

  • Peace in dealing with end of life issues for both yourself and your loved ones

Discerning the Time Temple is a system of unique charts downloaded and developed by Nina and Bill. 

  • Chart 1 helps you determine both your dominant and highest life path

  • Chart 2 reveals the time loops that are keeping you from your highest life path

  • Chart 3 instills and integrates a new vibration pattern to help you see the highest path before you

  • Chart 4 reveals the multi-dimensional distortions in our higher soul programming that we must clear in order for you to live your highest destiny

All sessions can be done in-person or remotely. Remote SRT sessions may be conducted one of three ways

  • Via Telephone

  • Via Online Video Chat (Zoom is the preferred platform)

  • Via Email

Please email or text with possible dates/times for your session.

Questions? To set up an appointment, text Bill at (215) 582-3539 or email at bill@ninagee.com.





New Clients receive a free 30-minute consultation

Sessions:  $80 per hour

Small Business Consulting:  $40 per hour

All clients receive detailed notes from each session and will be billed via PayPal once the session is complete

All clients must complete a standard release form prior to the first session



These meditations are used in our workshops and sessions and are provided here for you to use at home! Our meditations are designed to help you take your personal sessions to the next level!
GoldenMean - 12:21:19, 6.44 PM
00:00 / 11:37
4th Dimensional Meditation - 12:21:19, 1
00:00 / 08:10
Merkaba Activation - 12:21:19, 1.00 PM
00:00 / 09:32
Please consider donating as energetic exchange for these meditations.




"The book is rich with Bill's passion for Co-Creating with Source and it is full of wonderful case studies to bring home the adventure of the healing process. This book is a practical guidepost for applying SRT to your journey!"

-Karen Kent, SRT Teacher

"This book is for those who have studied Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) as originally taught by Robert Detzler. Bill generously shares his experience of applying his knowledge and connecting with Spirit to develop a healing service with his wife. It is a simple book, easy to read and full of practical tips and guidance. Recently certified students of SRT will find this book useful."

- Malabika Shaw, SRT Teacher

"Conscious Conduit is a valuable step-by-step resource for those interested in exploring SRT or anyone who would like a stronger relationship with the Divine. Bill provides real-life examples of how to connect to radiant love, heal family dynamics, as well as plenty of practical advice on becoming a happier person as your soul continues on its eternal journey.

-Raven Mardirosian, author of The Reluctant Tarot Reader

"This book is part autobiography, part spiritual teachings, and part SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) practices. The reader is entertained about some of the author's life experiences which is a learning experience. He talks about his marriage, money, starting his practice and more. Spiritual teachings are not sprinkled in to the book. It is quite the opposite, it is SPIRIT speaking the spiritual teachings and the author expanding it for consumption in a book format. Do you set the correct intention for your undertaking, are you aware of any blocks and programs preventing you from achieving it?"

-Amazon Review



"Mr Gee talks about some of our life challenges through a more mystical approach. He seems tuned into some clarity that treats everyone individually with our own story. SRT background a plus."

- G B (Amazon Review)

"It is the author and SPIRIT co-writing it blog style. It covers many topics hope, wisdom, soul walk ins, love, Lords of Karma and more. Each chapter is a blog and can be read individually and it also all can be read collectively. It is a spiritual book with SPIRIT teaching if you are willing to listen."

-Amazon Review

*All books can be ordered in paperback or ebook. Conscious Conduit and Spirit Path Vol 1 is also available in audiobook.



All classes are designed for practitioners of SRT and other energetic healing practices. Each class is about three (3) hours long and includes handouts, and a personalized plan to help you be more successful in your healing practice!
Preparing For Tax Season

For US-based practitioners, you will learn tips and strategies for completing the IRS Schedule C and what you can do to maximize your expense deductions.

Supercharge Your Practice Through Speaking

This course helps you to design talks that are proven to turn your audience into clients and where to find your most receptive audiences!

Make a Plan for Success!

This course helps you to turn your energetic healing hobby into a business that will not only help you serve your clients, but will create abundance in your life!

Clear Writer's Block Through Dowsing

This course is designed to help you write original content by allowing yourself to be a channel for SPIRIT through the pendulum. Whether you are writing a textbook, how-to guide, or a work of fiction, this course will help you get from the blank page to something that is truly inspired!

All courses can be taught live (minimum 3 students) or downloaded as a previously recorded presentation once they are available. Tuition is $80 (USD) per student, per class. If interested, please email Bill at bill@ninagee.com.