Conscious Conduit is available in print and e-book version through Amazon.com, Balboa Press, and Barnes and Noble


"The book is rich with Bill's passion for Co-Creating with Source and it is full of wonderful case studies to bring home the adventure of the healing process. This book is a practical guidepost for applying SRT to your journey!"

-Karen Kent, SRT Teacher

"This book is for those who have studied Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) as originally taught by Robert Detzler. Bill generously shares his experience of applying his knowledge and connecting with Spirit to develop a healing service with his wife. It is a simple book, easy to read and full of practical tips and guidance. Recently certified students of SRT will find this book useful."

- Malabika Shaw, SRT Teacher

"Conscious Conduit is a valuable step-by-step resource for those interested in exploring SRT or anyone who would like a stronger relationship with the Divine. Bill provides real-life examples of how to connect to radiant love, heal family dynamics, as well as plenty of practical advice on becoming a happier person as your soul continues on its eternal journey.

-Raven Mardirosian, author of The Reluctant Tarot Reader

SRT is a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to quickly find and release discordant, limiting beliefs and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. A normal session involves a short discussion of life's issues, followed by an energetic clearing using a pendulum and a series of charts created by Robert Detzler. While often subtle the day of, great changes in perception and attitude can be experienced within days after a session. William (Bill) Gee, has over 15 years of experience clearing people, pets and property of negative, limiting energies, creating prosperity, peace, and health in his clients.

SRT is an excellent tool for clearing blocks to better

  • Relationships and Loved Ones

  • Careers

  • Prosperity and Abundance

  • Health

When used in combination with Esoteric Acupuncture and/or Shamanic Work, SRT can help clear blocks to

  • Relief from chronic pain

  • Depression and other negative mental states

  • Post-Traumatic Stress

SRT can also be used for

  • Clearing objects and property of unwanted entities

  • Dealing with end of life issues and finding peace

All sessions can be done in-person or remotely. Remote SRT sessions may be conducted one of three ways

  • Via Telephone

  • Via Online Video Chat

  • Via Email

Please email or text with possible dates/times for your session.

For Skype, use: william.gee74

Bill will prepare a summary report for you and send it via email, or for in-person sessions, Bill will provide you with all notes and a summary report.

Questions? To set up an appointment, call/text Bill at (215) 582-3539 or email at bill@ninagee.com.

Packages &

Pre-pay 3-session package  


Pre-pay 5-session returning client package


To book an appointment, please call/text

(215) 582-3539 or email bill@ninagee.com


Half-hour free consultation

1st Session (2 hours)  $120

Follow-up Session (1 hour)  $60

Chakra Clearing  $30

SRT House Clearing  $300

(Includes 1 hour remote clearing followed by 2-hour house/land and personal clearing)


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